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You will never lose when playing free casino

By mr-casino on 2014-03-20 17:34:36

Wouldn’t it be good if you could walk into a casino and play for free? Well you can at an online casino as all online casinos offer either free play or what is called playing for fun money. Although this is undoubtedly great entertainment there is no chance of winning anything but of course also no chance of losing anything which can reduce the excitement. The adrenalin and excitement will only really kick in when you are close to winning a large amount or in danger of losing so what are the reasons for playing free casino? One of the main reasons is the chance to try out new casino games that you might otherwise not be willing to do if you were risking your own money at a game with which you were not too familiar. Casino slots are a good example where there are always new games being presented at the online casinos and although it is not absolutely necessary to understand what the winning combinations are it certainly adds to the enjoyment if you do. Casino slots tend to have different triggers for free spins or bonus rounds or indeed jackpots and it helps to understand them which you can do by playing free slots first. There are other casino games at online casinos that might be new to you and worthwhile trying as a free game such as Caribbean Stud or the popular dice game of craps or even Baccarat. Some online casinos also offer poker for free which you can play against other players but this sort of free game is one where players are not realistic in their betting habits if there is not real money on the table so do not be fooled into thinking that this free game is a true representation of a real poker game.