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Your choice of online casino software is important

By mr-casino on 2010-12-08 07:25:18

Despite there being many hundreds of online casino offerings there are but a handful of good certified casino software providers. Many of the smaller online casinos whose name you are not familiar with could well have decided that buying or leasing good software from a reputable firm is too expensive and have then decided to develop their  own. This is for you as a casino player not an ideal situation as the software will probably be quite limited in scope in terms of games available and it will almost certainly not have been independently tested to ensure that the games are fair or indeed that your data is secure. Remember that the software often includes all the banking and other data that you submit as well as software that actually runs the games which makes it pretty important. The online casinos that we recommend on this site use one or sometimes more than one of the reputable suppliers of casino software and they are in no particular order Playtech, Microgaming, Chartwell, Cryptologic and NetEnt. Playtech claims to have been the first to introduce live dealer casino as well as the multiple deposit bonus feature whereas Microgaming is perhaps best known for its progressive bonuses which can link all players using Microgaming software regardless of which online casino they are playing. Cryptologic is a Dublin based developer whose recent achievements include using the Marvel comic book heroes in their slot offering; Chartwell has been offering casino software since the early days of 1998 and NetEnt started life as a casino operator but being dissatisfied with available software developed their own and have since given up running the online casinos to specialise on the software side of things. It does matter what casino software your chosen online casino is running..