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888 casino reports improved results

By mr-casino on 2012-01-21 14:25:15

In the general casino news just before Christmas 888 reported a very strong performance in their online casino business resulting in a probability of earnings exceeding expectations which coupled with a previously reported record quarter increased the share price. Here at in our general casino news section we are not particularly pleased to see 888 making large profits as that generally indicates that online casino players are losing more but there was an interesting take on the situation by one reporter who suggested that people were staying at home to watch television and play at the online casinos rather than go out, presumably to the bar or restaurant. You will recall that earlier last year we reported in our casino news the fact that Ladbrokes casino had been looking at a possible acquisition of 888 but eventually pulled out; since then of course 888 has introduced a new casino replacing the old casino on net and is making record profits even without the US market which it has been forced to leave along with all other online casino operators. We have reported in our general casino news before the fact that online casino gambling has been and still is on the increase but whether that is due to players increasing their level of gambling instead of other leisure activities or whether they are simply changing their habits about gambling by using the much more convenient online casinos rather than going to the private clubs or the local bookmaker is a much more open debate. Certainly we at casino news would expect more online casino activity during the winter as the nights are darker and the poor weather does not exactly encourage going out so it will be interesting to see what happens to 888 casino when the weather improves and we cannot expect the competition to stand still and watch..