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A casino bonus might not be worth much

By mr-casino on 2016-04-10 15:59:00

Every online casino wants to give new players a casino bonus for creating an account but there are opinions about how valuable this really is. The general format of this casino bonus is what is called a deposit matching bonus whereby the online casino will match your first deposit effectively doubling the money you have to play with. The phrase “to play with” is important as the casino bonus money is placed into a bonus account rather than your playing account and is not accessible for withdrawal until certain parameters have been met. These parameters are usually expressed as a number of times that a casino bonus must be staked on certain casino games and it can be quite a high number. You may also find in the small print that there is a maximum win permissible with the casino bonus money. All of this is designed so that online casinos can be seen to be generous with a huge casino bonus but your chances of ever getting your hands on the money are not great. There are alternatives to this approach such as at where as the name suggests there is no casino bonus but instead they give money back if you lose and you can do what you like with that money including withdrawing it. Another alternative can be found at where free spins on certain casino slots are awarded depending on the size of your deposit but there are restrictions on withdrawal of that cash albeit not quite as severe as with regular casino bonuses. The moral to the story is to treat the casino bonus as a means of doubling your enjoyment by playing longer but do not expect to be withdrawing huge amounts of cash from it. The important thing about an online casino is that you enjoy playing at it and the one off bonus is neither here nor there.