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Online casino tax included in UK budget

By mr-casino on 2016-04-08 11:23:21

The general casino news has also been affected by the budget in the UK where the chancellor announced a tax on online casino free bets and free play at online bingo sites. Irish casino players need not be concerned except for the fact that certain online casinos that operate in Ireland will have their profits reduced. It might seem strange to tax something like a free bet but in the world of sports gambling they already do just that in the UK but online casinos have slipped the net up until now. It is not yet clear exactly what the tax will be or indeed when it will be introduced but there could be fewer free spins floating around for UK casino players but how an online casino will react to minimise the tax is also unknown. In a world where online casinos are expanding it is unusual to read in the casino news of an online casino that is closing but that is exactly what is happening in Denmark. Tivoli, as well as being probably the most famous park in Denmark where you can eat, drink and join in with the amusement park also started a Danish online casino in 2014 and based on that success tried to enter the International market. Despite the Danish online casino doing very well it is reported in the casino news that the international version has not lived up to expectations and is being closed and resources redirected to the Danish online casino. There is no statement of why it did not reach expectations. In other casino news it could be that online casinos are coming to America as it is reported that Sheldon Adelson, a known lobbyist against online gambling is to refocus his efforts on unlicensed offshore gambling companies as more and more States allow certain forms of online gambling.