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A credit card and an online casino are not a good mix

By mr-casino on 2012-03-08 16:27:34

We all know that credit cards are a very useful tool to pay for things for those that do not like to carry cash and indeed to pay for things online where cash is not a possibility but funding your online casino account with a credit card is maybe not such a good idea. Many online retailers are starting to charge very high fees for use of a credit card, in fact some Irish airline has been in the news recently about the level of charges, but online casinos and credit card providers have been doing it for a number of years for the simple reason that it is associated with gambling. Where the margins of the house advantage at online casinos can be quite small such as when playing online roulette where the margin is less than 3% it seem quite ridiculous to pay an additional 2% for the privilege of using a credit card so believe us when we say credit cards and online casinos do not mix very well. Using a credit card for online casinos also has another disadvantage and that is that although the cash is instantly available in your online casino account there is a price to pay and that is the interest. Funding your casino with credit cards is considered a cash transaction in the same way as withdrawing cash from an ATM which you probably would not do with a credit card and therefore interest is added from the day of the transaction which means that by the time you get your credit card bill there already substantial charges. Online casinos are great fun but our advice would be to choose another method of depositing into your online casino account such as by using a debit card or by having an online e-wallet account or there are Irish casino operators with high street shops where you can make deposits into your online casino account over the counter..