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Set your own online casino limits

By mr-casino on 2012-03-06 12:44:31

We write about a lot of things concerning online casinos here at but one of the most important messages we like to spread is the need to keep your gambling within what you can reasonably afford. Online casinos are great fun and they are a form of entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment but for the real enjoyment to start it is necessary to place a bet or two, after all watching a roulette wheel spin is not exactly exciting and while we accept that possibly watching a horse race without betting can be interesting, online casino gambling without betting is not. Different people have a different view of what they can afford at an online casino in the same way that some people can go to expensive restaurants and others cannot and the online casino itself has no idea so it is important to set your own limits and most online casinos, certainly those we list here at, will have a section where you can limit your deposits in any given time period and you should not be able to change that without a suitable notice period. If you really think that you are having a problem with your online casino gambling you should exclude yourself for a period of time and there are plenty of places available that problem gamblers can go to some of which will probably be listed on your online casino. Online casinos do not like to see problem gamblers and will do all in their power to help but at the end of the day you have to help yourself. Online casinos remain a great form of entertainment and as with any other form of entertainment you must expect that it will cost money but unlike most other forms of entertainment you do have the chance of coming out on top and that is a great result but keep it all within manageable limits..