Casino and online casino list for Ireland

A true casino does not exist in Ireland but there are plenty of online casinos

By mr-casino on 2018-06-27 08:56:45

People often speak about Irish Land Casinos but in truth of course there are no real casinos in the country. The outdated laws do allow for members only clubs where a certain number of casino games can be played but the large casino businesses that are part of the set up in nearly every other European Country are still illegal. Fortunately Ireland has one of the most relaxed approaches in Europe towards online casinos so there is plenty of opportunity to play a vast number of casino games at an online casino and there are plenty of them. There are of course the large companies that are into online gambling in a big way such as Paddy Power or Ladbrokes which are great for sports gambling but when it comes to an online casino it can be better to look further afield at some of the specialised online casinos that focus all their efforts on casino play rather than a full range of online gambling. There are several such online casinos listed on this site all of which have been vetted to make sure that they are correctly licensed and operated and are safe to use for Irish casino players. The oldest of them is All Irish Casino which was established many years ago with the intention of offering good casino entertainment to Irish casino players in particular but there are now regular players from many countries.

All Irish Casino recognises that Irish casino players like to have a bit of fun as well as a wager or two so they teamed up with casino software supplier NetEnt who have some of the most entertaining casino slots around. There are really too many to mention but if you have never tried Gonzo’s Quest™ or Jack Hammer™ you are missing out. These same casino slots are available on several other online casinos that run with the same casino software such as No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino and these are specifically mentioned for a reason. Both of these online casinos have recognised the weakness of the casino bonus system as it is generally applied and come up with alternatives. The biggest problem with casino bonuses is that it is notoriously difficult to actually get your hands on any of the money from the bonus and these bonuses are only awarded to new players for creating an account. The most common form of online casino bonus is the deposit matching bonus whereby the casino with match your first ever deposit not your casino account to the tune of 100% so if you deposit €100 the casino will give you an additional €100. The problem is however that the bonus money and your own money are separate and although your own money can be withdrawn at any time the bonus money cannot. In order to withdraw the bonus money it must first be staked a number of times which is often as many as 40 times on certain casino games. The idea is of course to give the casino the best chance possible of winning back the money before it need be paid out. You can have the enjoyment of playing casino games with the money but your realistic chances of getting your hands on any of the cash is limited.

No Bonus Casino has recognised that this might not be the best alternative for most Irish casino players and has therefore elected not to offer any bonuses at all but there is an alternative in the form of cash back. This online casino says that if you make a deposit into your casino account on any given day and manage to lose it all by playing any of the casino games they will give you 10% back the very next day. This sounds too good to be true but the offer is real and what is more the cash back that you receive goes straight into your playing account which means that there are no silly restrictions such as staking requirements. You can actually remove the cash back from your account if you wish to do so but many players seem to use it to carry on playing. Another huge advantage of this offer is that it is not restricted to new players. No matter how long you have been a customer of No Bonus Casino the promotion is available on every deposit made into your casino account. There are certain terms and conditions around the offer which should be read but it has to be a great alternative to the one off deposit matching bonus offered by most online casinos.

There is one other online casino that has taken the initiative to look at an alternative to the deposit matching bonus and that is Freepsins Casino. In this case every deposit into your casino account entitles you to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. The number of free spins awarded will depend on both the size of your deposit and which of the three free spin options is selected with proportionately more free spins being awarded to larger deposits. Once again though, this is not a one off for new players it is available to every player on every deposit. As regular online casino players will recognise when in free play mode it is impossible to lose as you are staking nothing and winning real money so it should come as no surprise that the casino does place restrictions on the free play winnings. These restrictions are similar to the regular casino bonus system and states that the money must be staked a number of times before it can be withdrawn from your account. This can be as many as 50 times but you have had all the pleasure of playing and winning so even if the chance of getting money out is small you will have had a lot of fun trying.

True Irish Land Casino do not exist but playing at an online casino might be the better option anyway.