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A winning hand always wins in let it ride poker

By mr-casino on 2013-04-08 09:57:01

There is a rather unusual game of poker available at online casinos that you will not find at land based casinos and that is called “let it ride poker” or often simply “let it ride” and it is a good casino game for learning to play poker as it enables the player to get used to the rankings of poker hands and the frequency with which those hands appear while being able to adjust your stake according to your own budget. Regular games of casino poker are usually played against other players which means that there is always the chance that you will find yourself playing against a more experienced player but Let it ride poker is played against the dealer and if you have a winning hand you will win and what is more in let it ride, if you are fortunate enough to have something above two pairs you will get paid at increased odds. Let it ride gets its name from the rather unusual way in which bets are placed. At the start of let it ride, having decided on how much you want to stake you will find that you have to place three different bets all of which are the same as your chosen stake. It therefore seems that you are playing for three times what you intended but in actual fact as let it ride poker progresses you have the choice to take back two of those three bets or to let them ride if you think you can get a good hand. This is done by trying to form a five card poker hand from three cards which are dealt face up and two cards which are face down. The normal qualifying hand is a pair of tens so anything better than that will win. There is a page on this site describing in more detail let it ride poker but if you have never tried it give it a go.