Casino and online casino list for Ireland

NetEnt is our favourite online casino software

By mr-casino on 2013-04-06 08:22:14

When you choose or play at your favourite online casino you probably give little thought to what casino software is being used to run the site but in actual fact the casino software is likely to have a major influence on whether you enjoy the online casino experience or not. None of the major players in the online casino market write their own casino software these days preferring instead to leave it to the experts of which there are a handful. carries a page with descriptions of some of the major casino software suppliers that include Microgaming, Chartwell, NetEnt, Playtech and Cryptologic and unless you look it up on the online casinos website you may never know which is being used. NetEnt is in our opinion one of the better casino software providers although maybe not the biggest and it is used by All Irish Casino which is probably why that is our favourite online casino at the moment. This use of casino software by online casinos also goes a long way to explain why some online casinos look very much like others, offering all the same casino games and even in the case of casino slots using the same names. But this is not all bad news as it is exactly this feature of several online casinos using the same casino software that enables the slots jackpots to increase much faster. Each spin of a progressive jackpot slot contributes to the jackpot pool regardless of which online casino is being played and it is therefore the casino software provider who is keeping the pool on behalf of all online casinos running the software. This also helps to explain why an online casino is so happy when one of their players hits the jackpot when you might expect them to be unhappy and out of pocket.