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All online casinos offer a casino bonus but understanding them is important

By mr-casino on 2018-07-25 16:12:35

Online gambling companies, whether large or small, are always offering incentives for new players to sign up. When it concerns sports gambling this incentive is usually a free bet or two but when it comes to online casinos free bets are replaced by casino bonuses where the online casino will award extra money to play with. The most common form of this type of casino bonus is known as a deposit matching bonus. Under this arrangement the online casino will match your first ever deposit into your online casino account Euro for Euro so if you make a deposit of €100 into your account the casino will give another €100 but all is not quite as it seems. The €100 which the online casino gives you is not yours until certain requirements have been met but you can use it to play any of the casino games; you just cannot take it out of your account. There are online casinos that offer deposit matches on your second or even third deposits but they are almost always at a rate which is less than the 100% match of your first deposit and they are all subject to the same requirements as the first deposit. The requirements are that you stake the casino bonus money a number of times, which is very often as many as 40 times, before any residual money can be taken from your account.

There are also certain casino games which are considered low risk such as Roulette and Blackjack which will not count towards the staking requirement or if they do as at some online casinos they will count for a much lower percentage such as 5%. To put this into context, if you made a deposit of €100 and received €100 as a casino bonus then you would need to stake €4000 on casino slots but if you elected to play the bonus money on Roulette you would need to stake €80,000. The idea behind all this is to give the online casino every chance of winning back the bonus money before it ever needs to be paid out. There is nothing wrong with this approach and it certainly enables you to play casino games for longer than otherwise but if you think it easy money you could be disappointed plus this is a one off promotion so when it’s gone it’s gone. should add that there are online casinos such as All Irish Casino that also give regular deposit matching bonuses to existing players which generally occur on a Wednesday.

Fortunately there are some alternatives to this deposit matching bonus idea. One of those can be found at No Bonus Casino and the name rather gives away the fact that the online casino does not give bonuses at all. This would leave the online casino at a disadvantage were it not for the fact that No Bonus Casino has a clever alternative called cash back. This remarkable and clever promotion says that if you make a deposit into your casino account on any given day and, by playing any of the casino games, manage to lose all of that deposit then 10% will be refunded the very next day as cash back. There are of course some limitations on the size of the deposit plus the amount that can be in your account at the time but an offer of cash back cannot be ignored. You might expect that cash back money be subject to certain conditions before it can be withdrawn in the same way as a deposit matching bonus but in fact there are no such restrictions. The cash back money is placed directly into your playing account which means that it is yours immediately to do with as you wish. You can use it to carry on playing or you can even take it from your account. This all sounds pretty good but it gets even better as the promotion is not for new players only, it is available to every player on every deposit they make into their casino account.

Yet another alternative to the new player first deposit bonus can be found at Freespins casino.  At this online casino your deposit is not matched but instead it entitles you to a number of fee spins on a selection of casino slots. The larger your deposit the more free spins will be awarded but the actual number will be determined by which of the three free spins options you choose and which casino slot is selected to play them at. Whichever option is chosen it is almost inevitable that after the free spins have been played you will be in profit so it should come as no surprise to learn that there are staking requirements to be fulfilled before any winning can be withdrawn. This may not result in a profit at the end of the day but at least you have had the fun of playing for free and the staking requirements only apply to the winnings from the free spins and not to your own cash. This promotion is also not for new players only but is available to every player on every deposit they make into their casino account.

Online casino bonuses can look very attractive but it is important to recognise what is really being offered to avoid disappointment. The casino bonus itself should also not be the sole reason for choosing an online casino as there are many more important factors to be considered especially if you intend to play for a longer time. The casino software is what determines which casino games are available and a good selection of games is essential to enjoyment. Most of the online casinos on the site use multiple casino software suppliers so generally there will be hundreds of casino slots to choose from plus all the online casinos on the site are known to be correctly licensed and operated so making your choice from those is a good idea.