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There are alternatives to the normal casino bonus for new players

By mr-casino on 2017-08-23 16:47:15

It seems that every online casino wants to give players a casino bonus but most of them are for new players only so once you have registered and had your bonus that is it for the rest of your playing life or at least until you sign up for a different online casino. Not only is the casino bonus only for new players but they make it as difficult as possible for you to actually get your hands on any money from that bonus. It is worth reading the detail of the casino bonus on offer to decide whether you want to bother or not and although there is nothing to lose by accepting the offer it could save considerable disappointment if you understand how difficult it is to fulfill the requirements. A typical casino bonus for new players is focused on the first deposit that player makes into their casino account although there are sometimes offers which include the second and third casino deposit as well. It is normal for the online casino to say they will match your first casino deposit 100% up to a maximum amount. This means that if you deposit €100 for example that the online casino will also give you €100 but whereas your €100 deposit goes into your playing account the bonus money goes into a bonus account. Both amounts can be used to play any of the casino games but the difference is that money in your playing account can be withdrawn but cash in your bonus account cannot so to be able to withdraw the cash in your bonus account it must first be transferred into your playing account.

This transfer can only be done when certain requirements have been met and those requirements are generally expressed as play through requirements or staking requirements. It is quite normal for online casinos to ask you to stake the bonus amount that you have received 40 times over before any transfer can be made so in the same example of receiving €100 as a casino bonus you will need to stake €4000 before the transfer can be made. There will also be limitations on which casino games can be played as qualification for the staking requirement. In many cases casino games such as roulette or blackjack which are considered low risk games will not count at all towards the staking requirement or if they do it will be for a very low percentage such as 10%. If roulette counts for 10% and you play you will need to stake €40000 before any transfer can be made. All of this is designed to make sure that you never get any benefit from the casino bonus other than that you can play for longer. There are online casinos that quote a headline figure of 20 times as a play through requirement but this will apply to your bonus money plus your original deposit and it doesn’t take a maths genius to work out that with a 100% deposit match 40 times your bonus is exactly the same as 20 times your bonus plus your deposit. Where second and third deposits qualify for a bonus it will almost certainly be for a lower percentage such as 50% or even 25%.

There are no ways around this style of casino bonus but there are online casinos that have a different approach altogether. One of these online casinos is aptly named No Bonus Casino which can be accessed directly from this site and their way around the issue is not to give any casino bonuses at all, not even to Irish casino players. Nobonuscasino does however offer an alternative which for many is far better and that is cash back if you lose. The system is very simple and says that if you make a deposit into your casino account within certain limits on any day and manage to lose it all on that same day then the very next day you will receive 10% back as cash. The difference between this and other forms of casino bonus is that the cash back is placed in your playing account and not into any form of bonus account which means that you can do what you want with it including withdrawing it if you so wish. The next good thing about this form of casino bonus is that it is not only for new players but it is available for all players on every deposit they make into their casino account not matter how long you have been registered. This seems to be a very good alternative to the standard casino bonus for new players only and No Bonus Casino uses the well known NetEnt casino software which means there is a great range of casino games as well.

There is also another alternative on the market which can found at Free Spins Casino which is again listed on the site. Freespinscasino offers free spins on a selection of casino slots instead of a regular casino bonus so when you make a deposit into your casino account you automatically qualify for free spins. The number of free spins depends on the size of your deposit and the casino slot that you choose to play them at but it can be several hundred. The free spins are quite separate from your normal playing cash but as you can imagine the chances of making money with free spins is quite high so there are staking requirements for any money made from free spins before it can be placed in your playing account but the good thing is that even if you do not manage to complete the requirements with the winnings you have still had a lot of fun for free and your deposit is still there. Again this is not only an offer for new registrations; it is available for all players on every deposit they make into their casino account regardless of how long you have been playing at the online casino. You can of course opt out of receiving the free spins.