Casino and online casino list for Ireland

An internet casino and an online casino are the same thing

By mr-casino on 2018-08-10 14:23:05

An internet casino is no different from an online casino, it is just another name for the same thing but the more common name is online casino. Online casinos have been in Ireland for a number of years and keep on getting more and more popular which should come as no surprise considering the very limited opportunities there are to play casino games anywhere else. We all know that the Irish love to gamble which is probably why we have some of the best Lotteries in the world but there are no real casinos despite efforts in recent years to open one. Sports gambling online is big business despite many still wanting to go to the bookmaker on the high street but that is possibly more of a social gathering than simply betting whereas casino gambling is just not possible anywhere except online. Fortunately the Government seems to have no problem with online casinos and places no barriers except that the online casinos must have a license issued by a recognised European country. Not all countries are as flexible as Ireland and indeed the UK, for example, insists on a UK license being obtained before online casinos can operate. To be fair, though, this is not to protect UK players from unscrupulous online casinos but simply to get more tax from the casino operators.

All online casinos including our own Paddy Power casino are based overseas in low tax territories such as Malta, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man which means they pay tax in those countries rather than where the customers are. The UK Government realised this loss of income and decided to introduce a special license for those wanting UK players. Part of the requirement of that license is that online casinos must declare profits from UK players and pay tax on that. This does not affect the players as any winnings from online casinos are tax free everywhere. Ireland has not yet come round to doing anything similar. The online casinos listed at this site all have licenses for operating in the UK as well as in all other European countries so from that point of view choosing any of them is a safe option.

All Irish Casino is one of the best around for Irish casino players as it focuses on what Irish players want although strangely enough it does attract players from other countries as well. This is perhaps due to the fact that the Irish are generally recognised in other countries as being lucky. The truth is of course that the Irish are no more lucky or unlucky than anybody else but perception is a powerful thing. It is number one on the list for several reasons but one of those reasons is the tremendous range of casino games which are available which is, in turn, due to the number of different casino software companies that are utilised on the site. Some online casinos stick with one supplier only which limits the casino games available but All Irish Casino employs different casino software to give a greater range which is only too apparent in the area of casino slots. The range is also being added to on a regular basis so even this month there will be more new games. The main casino software in use is produced by NetEnt which have some of the most entertaining slots around such as Gonzo’s Quest™ and Jack Hammer™. These are accompanied by progressive jackpot slots such as Arabian Nights™, Hall of Gods™ and Mega Fortune™ but it is well known that a couple of casino slots from MIcrogaming often have quite enormous jackpots so All Irish Casino has incorporated these into the line up. For the record we are talking here of casino slots such as Mega Moolah™ or Mega Moolah Isis™. It is not unusual for jackpots on these slots to approach €10 million and somebody has to win that sometime.

Fun Casino has jumped to number 2 on the list because likes the approach taken. Fun Casino believes that many online casinos have list the plot when it comes to realising why they are in existence. Playing at an online casino is entertainment and therefore should be fun so it is up to the online casino to make it fun. There are, of course, casino players who play at an online casino purely to try and make money but for the vast majority of players it is the entertainment that is most important. Making money remains a distinct possibility which is not ignored but having fun is number one. All forms of entertainment cost money and there are very few forms where you can actually have a chance of coming out on top. Gambling and online casinos in particular are one of them but it still has to be fun. Fun Casino achieves this by offering a range of games which are light entertainment but the particular focus is actually on making sure that online casino play remains fun and that players do not get into difficulties by playing for more than they can afford. To do this the online casino offers a range of limits which can be set by the player at the very beginning of setting up an account. These include, for example, a limit on the amount which can be deposited in a given time frame or the maximum size of a bet or even the length of time which can be spent playing in a day. It is of course only the player who knows what their own limits are so it is them who should be setting the limits and they are encouraged to do so but for those that refuse there are house limits which will automatically come into force. Limits can of course be changed but only reducing limits will come into force immediately. If you want to increase your limits there is a cooling off period. Fun Casino really does try to keep online casino play in the fun zone.