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Casino deposit options are plentiful but not all alike

By mr-casino on 2018-07-05 11:42:09

Online casinos are always on the lookout for new customers and apart from promotion for new customers one of the ways to do that is to offer multiple ways of making deposits into an online casino account. is of the opinion that most of these casino deposit options are irrelevant to Irish casino players as they prefer to keep things simple and opt for either credit or debit cards or if they have an e-wallet which they use for other online shopping they might use that. Options like pre paid cards or even bank transfer do not seem that popular. Whichever method you choose will get the money arriving in your online casino account pretty much immediately but there are other differences which may affect your choice depending on your personal circumstances. Some online casino players are quite secretive about what they are doing preferring to remain virtually anonymous. This is not totally possible as the online casino needs to know who is playing to ensure no one is underage or is attempting to launder money but online casinos encryption systems make sure that this information does not get used beyond its original purpose. For these people the use of an e-wallet is by far the best option regardless of any cost considerations.

The use of an e-wallet as a casino deposit option means that your bank details are not known to the online casino but more to the point your bank does not know that you are making deposits into an online casino and for players wanting privacy that is important. All the bank knows is that you have used your e-wallet for an online purchase which could be anything. If you have your e-wallet linked to your bank account it simply pays. If you do not yet have an e-wallet it is pretty easy to open an account with companies like Skrill or Neteller. Ebay users tend to use PayPal as they have been linked together for years but PayPal is not so popular with online casinos as they are more expensive than others. Do not be surprised therefore if PayPal is not one of the casino deposit options shown. A good example is All Irish Casino who have multiple deposit options but PayPal is not amongst them.

If you are less bothered about who knows that you are gambling online it might be easier just to grab the credit or debit card but even here there are differences. It is a known fact that banks or credit card issuers do not like online casinos or indeed any form of gambling and so to deter their use they actually probably make a charge especially for gambling. has obviously not checked every bank or credit card issuer but if you are not sure it is better to check the terms and conditions of your supplier. It unfortunately means reading all the small print or you may have already discovered it by mistake when studying your credit card statement. Unfortunately that is not the end of the story when using credit cards for casino deposits. As stated above money will be available in your casino account pretty much immediately but because of this the deposit is treated as a cash transaction. You may well not have ever used your credit card in an ATM for withdrawing cash unless like some you have inadvertently grabbed the wrong card but the advice is don’t. Cash transactions incur interest from the day of the transaction which means that even if you are one of the good guys or gals who pay off their credit card every month you will still see interest charges on your statement and with the interest rates that credit cards charge it could be quite a reasonable sum. You can change your casino deposit option at any time so if you have been caught out  simply go to the banking pages of the casino and make a change.

Debit cards are a much more sensible option but the bank will know what you doing which for some doesn’t matter but it might for others. As casino deposit options are more or less the same at any online casino it is really not a reason for choosing one over another; there are far more solid reasons. For starters you need to make sure that the online casino is correctly licensed and operated and the easiest way to do that is simply to select from the list at All online casinos on the site have been checked out for licenses and where they operate from, the most popular being Malta or Gibraltar which are recognised centres for online gambling or e-gaming as it often called. The next thing to look for is that the online casino uses a well know casino software to run the casino games. The big names in that department are MIcrogaming and NetEnt but there are other smaller operators that are equally good such as NXT or Amanet. Again, online casinos listed by have recognised casino software. Smaller software suppliers are not necessarily worse than the big boys, it is simply that they have fewer casino games in the portfolio.

Another consideration is where you feel comfortable and where you feel you are being treated correctly. Many of the larger online gambling operators that have online casinos can tend to treat customers a number whereas small operators are possibly better equipped to treat customers as individuals. One online casino that springs to mind in that context is Fun Casino where players are actively encouraged to make their experience fun and to personalise their account by placing their own limits on their gambling activity. The principle here is that anybody who has a gambling problem is not having fun and nor is the online casino so everything they can do to avoid that situation and keep it fun is a positive. There really are plenty of good online casinos available and many of them have a free play option so take a look around before you decide.