Casino and online casino list for Ireland

An online casino can be better than land based casinos

By mr-casino on 2016-07-23 13:31:53

When you mention casinos most people will automatically think of those establishments in Las Vegas  that offer gaming and other forms of entertainment such as shows from some of the top stars from around the world. Casinos in Monaco tend to be purely gambling establishments albeit very high class gambling. It is very common in casinos to be able to get food and drink and in fact in some casinos it will be provided free of charge as long as you are playing one of the numerous casino games. Casinos in Las Vegas are mostly in hotels where casino slot machines are everywhere, including in the toilets in some places, but the main casino games are played in the casino room itself or the casino floor as it is better known. Casinos in this form have a definite buzz quite often with wild shouts of pleasure if somebody wins a large amount and of course most noise will come from the craps table if there is one. Surprisingly casino games such as Blackjack tend to be less noisy probably because only by playing with big stakes can you win big money whereas when playing roulette a single number win pays at 35:1 which can be quite lucrative.

Unfortunately many people will never get the opportunity to visit casinos in either Las Vegas or Monaco but for them there is the vast array of online casinos which carry all the same casino games as can be found in those major casinos. Online casinos are of course a relatively new thing when compared to land based casinos but their rise in popularity has been astonishing clearly showing that many more people enjoy playing at a casino than were able to when it required going out. There are three broad categories when it comes to casino games in a casino and one more to be added if you are playing at an online casino. First are what are known as table games which is either a casino game that requires a special table such as roulette or craps or a game where the players are seated such as blackjack or Caribbean Stud Poker. Strangely enough players at a roulette table are often standing rather than sitting as more people can get round the table to play and at a craps table everybody is standing as the table has high walls to stop the dice from leaving the table. The second group and almost certainly the most popular group at online casinos are the casino slots. There are literally hundreds of casino slots available at online casinos with a far greater choice than you will find at a land based casino. Casino slots have come a very long way since the “one armed bandit” found in clubs 40 years or so ago and are now very modern electronic devices that can have hundreds of winning lines. The final group for the land casinos are the numbers games such as Bingo or Keno and even lotteries fall into this category but land based casinos do not have them. The fourth group which are available only at online casinos are what are called leisure games and they are often take offs from TV shows such as Deal or No Deal. With so much choice for Irish casino players it can be difficult to decide where to go to play your favourite casino games. You can of course follow those who spend the most money on advertising but in the opinion of, which has been set up especially for Irish casino players, you could be missing out on something better. Of course there is nothing wrong with the big boys such as Paddy Power Casino or Ladbrokes Casino but maybe they don’t have the competitive edge that some of the smaller online casinos have. For example when joining a large online casino such as Paddy Power they will give you a bonus which is generally equal to the size of your first deposit and they will advertise things like up to €500 bonus. What they do not tell you in the advert is that in order to get your hands on that bonus money you need to have staked it a large number of times on certain casino games and the more times you have to stake it the less chance you have of ever getting it. It is also only available to new players so once you have signed up and received your bonus there is nothing else coming your way. Smaller casinos on the other hand such as No Bonus Casino which is one of the favourites at take a different approach and instead of giving a one off bonus give you 10% of your deposit back if you lose it all in one day. This cash is available the very next day and you can do with it whatever you want including taking it out of your account if you wish. What is more, this is not a one off offer for new players only; it is available for all casino players on every deposit. Another of the smaller casinos favoured by for Irish casino players is Freespins casino which instead of awarding a bonus amount gives away free spins on a selection of casino slots. Any winnings gained using the free spins must be staked a number of times but this number is much lower than for the deposit matching bonuses of the big boys. This offer is also available for all players on every deposit. In this way smaller casinos can be more attractive than the larger ones. Of course you must be a little bit careful with smaller casinos to make sure that they are correctly licensed and operated under the control of a recognised body but has done that work for you so as long as you select from the recommended list you will be safe but you can of course do your own investigations.