Casino and online casino list for Ireland

An online casino is probably better than Irish Land Casinos

By mr-casino on 2018-05-10 14:56:44

Ireland has been very slow to introduce any separate form of legislation for online casinos relying instead on European legislation which allows any online casino with a license issued anywhere in the EU to operate in the Irish casino market. The same cannot be said of Irish Land Casinos where every attempt to build one ends up with all kinds of objectors. There are those who miss having a land based casino but for the large majority having a good selection of online casinos is more important. There are of course differences between playing at an online casino and playing in a real casino the major one of which is being able to see what is going on in a land based casino and participate in some way in the success or failure of others. Online casinos cannot provide this sort of entertainment even at the live casino option which many of them have but on the other hand online casinos have a much larger selection of casino games and in particular casino slots than land based casinos and of course the choice is very limited at the live casino options. For Irish casino players there really is not much choice at all as it is an online casino or nothing but then again the lack of any separate legislation means that online casinos can easily set up in Ireland which in turn provides us with a large choice.

Not all online casinos are equal however and it can be difficult to sort out the good from the bad if you don’t know what you are looking for. The first thing any online casino needs is a license issued by a European country but even then not all countries are equal when it comes to issuing licenses for online gambling as there are countries which specialise and have better controls and Ireland is not one of them. Probably the better known ones are Malta and Gibraltar along with Alderney in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Even the best known online casino in Ireland, Paddy Power runs the online side of things from Gibraltar. It is also no coincidence that countries which specialise in licensing and operating online casinos are also recognised as low tax countries. This has not been lost on the UK Government where any online casino wishing to operate has to obtain a separate UK license in addition to an EU license. Although this might add an additional layer of feeling of security for players, it was not set up with that in mind but rather to make sure that the Government was receiving tax on profits from UK players. Part of the terms of the issuing of the license is that online casinos must declare how much profit is coming from UK players and how much from other countries players. Ireland has no such arrangement and therefore receives no tax benefits from Irish players. Winnings from online casinos are of course tax free for the player no matter where you are but not so for the online casino itself.

There are other things which make for a reliable online casino where you can play casino games knowing that they are honestly run and that should you win you will get your money as well as having the right casino games in the first place. The casino games are governed by which casino software is being used and some online casinos such as All Irish Casino actually use more than one software supplier to ensure that needs are catered for. Part of recommending a particular online casino over another is which casino software is being used and is a fan of NetEnt casino software as they believe that this has many fun games offering entertainment as well as simple gambling. A classic example of this is the casino slot Gonzo’s Quest™ where Gonzo himself takes an active interest in what is going on. This casino slot is basically a five reel slot but it has no reels as such as all symbols are independent from each other. There are still fifteen symbols visible as there would be in any five reel slot and in this case they are in the form of stone blocks forming a sort of wall. When a winning combination is achieved on any of the 20 winning lines the blocks that are part of the winning line explode with any blocks above dropping down to take their place and any in the top row being replaced. As this is happening a win multiplier moves from 1x to 2x so that should the new arrangement of blocks also result in a winning line, that line will pay double face value but the process of blocks exploding will also repeat itself. This continues until no winning line is formed but the win multiplier reaches a maximum of 5x after four consecutive wins. All wins are cumulative. Gonzo in the meantime stands by the side of the screen scratching his beard waiting for a big win. The free spins mode is where the really big money is as the win multiplier starts at 3x and runs right up to 15x face value. It gets really comical when you do win loads of cash as that is when Gonzo springs into action and removes his helmet and holds it upside down in any attempt to retrieve some of the gold coins which are cascading over the top of the wall. This is a great casino slots produced by NetEnt and available at several of the online casinos listed  on the site including All Irish Casino.

If you want your winnings really quickly then try as they believe that nobody should wait any longer than necessary to get hold of winnings and make every effort to pay out within 24 hours. It may take longer for the first pay out whilst various things are checked but after that regular payments should be pretty quick. Fun Casino also has many other features which are designed to keep online casinos play in the fun zone rather than in the problem zone.