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Are land based casinos affected by an online casino

By mr-casino on 2013-12-12 14:06:28

While the debate about online casinos rumbles on the United States there are now reports in the general casino news that some of the major land based casinos in New Jersey are warning investors that online casinos will affect the number of people going to land based casinos. The unusual thing about this casino news story is that those who are providing the warning are the major players in the Atlantic City casino industry who at the same time are campaigning hard to have online casinos legalised in the state. Whether online casinos affect land based casinos has been in the general casino news off and on for a long time now and nobody really knows the answer but in the opinion of it depends a lot on how far people have to travel to reach a land based casino and in New Jersey that could be a long way. Many online casino players enjoy playing on a daily basis but the majority of land based casino visitors are casual visitors only who go for a night out as they might go to any other form of entertainment and often they do not go alone so although one might affect the other to some extent it is hard to see the effect being huge which is probably why the land based casinos in New Jersey are in the casino news and are keen to see online casinos prosper as long as they are involved. Online casinos in Ireland do not seem to be having a detrimental effect on the private members clubs and indeed the general casino news has carried enough stories about the possible casino complex in Tipperary which would not be viable if all Irish casino players were going to remain online casino players rather than visit the casino complex.