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Nearly all online casinos have a live casino option

By mr-casino on 2013-12-10 10:38:58

There are plenty of people who enjoy the atmosphere of a casino with the screams of delight as a big win drops or the groans when the bank wins again and of course no online casino can completely replicate this but a recent innovation at online casinos can go some way towards it and this is known as the live casino option. Nearly all online casinos have this live casino option and what it basically does is enable you to view cards being dealt or the roulette wheel being spun through web cams in a live setting. The dealers you can see at the live casino are actual dealers and they are live but they are not operating from an actual casino as this could cause problems with other people being on camera who do not wish to be on camera. The streaming is in fact coming from a specially equipped room which can in fact be anywhere but is often in Eastern European countries; the only exception that knows of comes from All Irish Casino where the streaming comes from an actual casino in Malta although even then it is in a separate room. Live casino at an online casino cannot of course provide the atmosphere or the crowds of a land based casino but what it does do is remove the random number generator that provides winning numbers or decides dealt cards at a regular online casino. There are plenty of online casino players that do not trust a random number generator even though there are checks everywhere to ensure that they are indeed random and this is especially true when losing; there are few complaints when winning of course; so for those people the live casino option is an ideal solution. Casino games are limited to those requiring a dealer or croupier so for example roulette and blackjack can be found everywhere but online casino slots are not available.