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Austrian casino refuses to pay out slots jackpot

By mr-casino on 2011-09-02 07:55:59

General casino news from around the world takes us to Austria and Las Vegas but for totally different reasons. In the USA the giant MGM Resorts who probably run the most casinos in Las Vegas have requested permission to blow up the Harmon Building which has been empty since opening in 2009. Rumours in the general casino news are that with the collapse of the property market in the city and the poor economical situation in the country MGM is trying to find an alternative to having to write down the value. The building which was designed by Lord Foster was intended to be part of much larger complex of shopping and apartments was built with partial funding from Dubai is now claimed by MGM to be not able to withstand a serious earthquake and therefore should be destroyed; at the same time of course MGM is trying to recover millions of dollars from the builders.  General casino news at would not like to comment as neither would the architects Foster and Partners but local Government currently have issued a court order to prevent destruction; this could go on for a while as MGM also claims that it would take 18moinths to satisfactorily repair the building. On the other side of the world, well here in Europe actually, general casino news is hearing that an Austrian casino is refusing to pay out a multi million Euro jackpot due to what they call a software error; the 38 year old gambler hit the jackpot in the Bregenz Casino but the casino is offering a free meal and less than €100 compensation. In the words of the casino spokesman seen by general casino news “we wanted to put things right with an offer of a meal for the disappointment but he was refusing to cooperate”. We don’t blame him..