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Avoid American roulette in your online casino

By mr-casino on 2012-12-09 14:52:58

Whether it is a land based casino or an online casino there is one casino game which attracts more players than any other and that is Roulette and for the simple reason that it is great entertainment and very simple to play. Casino slots are also very popular but when you play roulette in a land based casino you are sharing the table with several other players which means that you can enjoy it even when somebody else gets a big win. Of course in online casino roulette that is not the case but then it is the simplicity of the game of roulette which makes it popular in online casinos. There are basically three forms of online roulette which are French, European and American; the European and French versions are very similar in that they both use 36 numbers plus a zero but the American version is the one to watch out for and avoid if it is possible. The American version of online roulette has 36 numbers plus a zero (0) plus a double zero (00) which in effect means that there are 38 numbers in play instead of 37 on other roulette games but the odds paid on winners does  not change so your chances of winning are reduced. In some land based casinos or on ferries or cruise ships you will often find only American roulette is offered but at online casinos you can choice to avoid the game. Another feature of roulette which makes it so popular is that there are no good bets and bad bets by which we mean that whether you bet on a single number or multiples of numbers your returns for a win are always proportionate. To briefly explain, if you backed RED which covers 18 numbers and you staked 18 chips (one for each number) you would end up with 36 chips and if you only backed one number with one chip and won, you would also end up with 36 chips. The moral is not to worry but simple spread your roulette bets around.