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Live online casino option offers a new experience

By mr-casino on 2012-12-07 12:27:40

Surprisingly enough it seems that the live casino option which is available at most online casinos is not as popular as it might be but the reason why is not clear. Just to recap; live casino is where players are routed to special rooms which have been set up with roulette wheels and card tables and where there are actual dealers and the whole thing is being filmed on web cams which are then transmitted to your computer so that you can see in real time what is happening. The minimum stakes at the live casino option are generally a little higher than at the online casino version but the advantage is that you can see the ball rolling in the roulette wheel and see the cards being dealt which is great for those who do not really trust the random number generators (RNGs)used in the online casino. It is true that using an RNG to determine the outcome of a roulette wheel spin can look a little strange even though we are confident that the RNGs in use in our recommended online casinos are perfectly honest as the ball sometimes has to make some jerky movements to reach the allocated slot. In a live casino however the ball of course acts as you might expect. Some live casino players also enjoy the fact that you can communicate with the dealers but the downside of live casino is that the casino games are limited to Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat so if you are an online casino slots player then live casino has nothing to offer. If you have never tried live casino it is well worth a look for a different experience and most online casinos will even offer a bonus to new live casino players even though you may already have an online casino account.