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Baccarat is not only a casino game for high rollers

By mr-casino on 2013-07-17 13:37:29

James Bond actually made Baccarat more famous than it ever was before by playing it at casinos in his films but to be truthful most cinema goers will not know that it was Baccarat; it was just a card game they did not recognize. Today at online casinos everywhere Baccarat is one of those games that only a few people play which is a shame as it is a great gambling game and it requires no skill which is not what Mr Bond would have us believe. Baccarat is also usually available at the live casino option of online casinos. Baccarat also has a reputation as being a casino game exclusively for high rollers and indeed some land based casinos do have separate areas for high rollers which will invariably include a Baccarat table but of course at online casinos you can play Baccarat for low stakes. Baccarat is unusual in that there are only three possible bets which are for the bank to win, the player to win or for the hand to be a tie. This explains the alternative name for Baccarat which is Punto Banco which for example is what it is called at the live casino option at All Irish Casino and Punto is the player (maybe our word punter comes from this) while Banco is of course the bank. The other unusual thing about Baccarat is that nobody gets to touch any of the cards except the dealer and there are very strict rules for when to draw a card and when to hold. There is a page explaining Baccarat in more detail here at which is suggested reading before playing as it will help you understand what is going on as the counting in particular is a little difficult to grasp without explanation. Baccarat remains however an out and out gambling game.