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Baccarat is popular at live casino option of online casinos

By mr-casino on 2014-09-10 12:16:02

One card game that is possibly found more often at online casinos than at land casinos is Baccarat and although the reason for this is unclear it is good that this fast game has been brought to the attention of more people. The history of Baccarat suggest that it was a casino game reserved for the affluent as there was often a separate area of the casino for high rollers which is where the game was played but at an online casino Baccarat can be played for whatever stakes you like although it is very popular at the live casino option of online casinos where the minimum stakes do tend to be a little higher. The game of Baccarat does at first glance appear to be very complicated but in actual fact it is very simple and what makes it seem complicated is the counting of the cards which once explained is again very straightforward. There is no skill involved when you play Baccarat and there are only three possible results which are either the bank wins or the player wins or it is a tie, you simply place your bet on one of those three and wait to see what turns up. Baccarat has an unusual twist in that both hands dealt are played by the dealer so you do not even have to touch the cards and even though this sounds a little dubious, Baccarat rules are such that there is no room for optional play as for every combination of cards the rules will tell you whether to draw a card or to stand. There are not many online casino games where you get the chance to bet on the bank winning but Baccarat is one. Baccarat is a simple and fast online casino card game which is well worth giving a try but to add enjoyment it is advisable although not essential to understand the counting of the cards which you can find at or on the rules pages of the online casino that you are playing.