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Beware using a credit card for an online casino deposit

By mr-casino on 2014-09-08 16:11:21

New players to an online casino often do not think about which of the many casino deposit options they intend to use until they reach the banking screen of the chosen online casino which directly asks the question and then the response is to reach for the nearest card which might be a credit card or a debit card but when making deposits into online casinos there is a big difference between the two. From a standpoint of never playing at an online casino with credit then a credit card casino deposit is obviously not a preferred method although we all know that probably the vast majority of online casino players have no problem with their credit and will not end up in debt when using it but there are other drawbacks to using credit cards for online casino deposits. One of those issues is the lesser known fact that credit card issuers make a charge  for anything to do with gambling and as this is contained in the small print of your agreement unless you actually make a casino deposit you are unlikely to find out. This charge can easily be a couple of percent which represents a sizeable chunk of the house margin on some casino games. Another problem is that although or maybe because the money is available instantly within your online casino account it is considered to be  cash transaction in the same way as a cash withdrawal using your credit card would be which means that you are paying interest from the day of the transaction even if you are one of those that pays off the account at the end of every month. These are two very good reasons not to use a credit card for online casino deposits and as there are other equally easy to use casino deposit methods it is advisable to use one of them.