Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Which is the best casino from all those online casinos available?

By mr-casino on 2017-11-19 09:20:16

With so many online casinos available to the Irish casino player it is virtually impossible to state categorically which the best casino is. There are several aspects which determine what a good online casino is but which is best overall will depend on the individual and what they are looking for which is why lists a number of online casinos for your consideration but all of which are good. They are listed in order of preference according to but it is quite possible that any individual would list them in a different order. Once it has been decided that an online casino can be considered good by virtue of it being correctly licensed and using a recognised casino software company then the rest has a lot to do with where a player feels comfortable which often involves the feeling that there is a chance of winning. This feeling is usually generated by having won in the past at least some of the time. The choice of casino games is generally an important issue particularly for those casino players who enjoy the casino slots section. The games of roulette and blackjack are pretty much the same in any online casino but the casino slots can be vastly different and that depends on the casino software in use. Some online casinos use exclusively one casino software while others such as All Irish Casino use more to make sure that there is something to suit everybody from the massive jackpot slots to the entertainment type of slot such as Gonzo’s Quest™.

You may also have noticed if you have looked around at a number of online casinos that the same casino software is used at different online casinos so you will find many of the same casino slots at No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino as you will at All Irish Casino. This is actually inevitable as there are far more online casinos than there are casino software suppliers and no online casino writes their own software any more. It is also not of particular importance and in fact when it comes to progressive jackpot slots it can be a definite advantage. If several online casinos use the same casino software and therefore have the same casino games it is a fair question to ask what makes one better than another and therefore the best casino. One answer to this is how you are treated as a customer when you need assistance with something or when you want to remove some or all of your winnings from the account. An online casino that promises your cash to be returned within 24 hours is going to be seen as better than one that does not. Another point of differentiation between online casinos is what they do in terms of casino bonuses and here there are some major differences. Practically every online casino offers a casino bonus to new players to encourage them to join but after that there may be precious little to encourage you to stay and play. The casino joining bonus will allow you to play the casino games for longer but you may be disappointed if you think that you can easily withdraw the money from your account.

The casino joining bonus is usually expressed as a 100% match of your first ever deposit into your casino account and possibly your second and third deposits as well but to a lower percentage. The problem arises that the bonus money is not placed into your playing account but rather into a bonus account. The difference here is that money in your playing account can be withdrawn but money in your bonus account cannot. In order to get the bonus money transferred into your playing account or otherwise to make it possible to withdraw it the whole amount must be staked a number of times on certain casino games. Roulette and Blackjack are often excluded for this purpose  and  the number of times is generally as many as 40 which means that if you have received a €100 bonus you will need to stake €4000 before anything remaining can be withdrawn. There are however alternatives to this arrangement such as at No Bonus casino.

At No Bonus Casino there is no such thing as a bonus for new players as all players are treated equally and are eligible for all the same promotions no matter how long they have been signed up. Instead of a bonus what No Bonus Casino does is give cash back if you lose. This might sound strange but in fact it is very simple. If you make a deposit into your online casino account on any given day, subject to certain limits, and you manage to lose the whole deposit on the same day then No Bonus Casino will refund 10% the very next day. There is no need to apply for the refund as it happens automatically and the money is placed into your playing account rather than any form of bonus account which of course means that you are free to do with it as you wish with no restrictions. Once again this is available to every player on every deposit into the online casino.

Yet another option exists which may cause some to decide that Freespins Casino is the best casino. This is another online casino that believes in treating all customers equally and therefore has no special promotion for new players only. In this case every deposit into the online casino entitles the player to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. The exact number of free spins will depend on the size of the deposit and the casino slot selected to play them at with larger deposits attracting relatively more free spins. It is virtually impossible to play free spins for real money without ending up with a profit so the casino does insist that profits from the free spins are wagered a number of times before it can be withdrawn but this only applies to the profits from those free spins and not your original deposit.