Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Choosing an online casino to suit your needs is not be difficult

By mr-casino on 2017-10-26 10:10:00

Many Irish people are interested in gambling and it is becoming easier and easier to expand beyond sports gambling with casino gambling being available at an internet casino or an online casino as they are more familiarly known. The casino used to be a place where few people went especially of course in Ireland where true casinos are unknown but even in other countries across the world a visit to a casino is still considered by most to be a special occasion. Only very few generally wealthy people make regular visits to a casino. Online casinos changed all that for good and now anybody can easily have a flutter anytime day or night on a huge variety of casino games. The difficulty now is more in choosing the right online casino to suit you and indeed choosing a casino game which you enjoy. All online casinos offer the standard casino games of roulette and blackjack and the rules and payouts are the same everywhere so if you are likely to stick with those casino games then the choice of online casino will depend on other factors such as casino bonuses which will be touched on later. In the area of casino slots however there are differences between online casinos which is simply down to the casino software which is being used.

Online casinos have long since given up trying to write their own casino software as the games have become more and more complicated and companies have been established which specialise in writing the software. These companies with names such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech amongst many others then have arrangements with online casinos who place their games on the online casino sites with the online casinos paying for the privilege in one way or another. Some online casinos have an arrangement whereby only one supplier but others such as All Irish Casino prefer to give the customer more choice by having a variety of casino software on the site. Several online casinos listed as top online casinos on this site use a combination of NetEnt and MIcrogaming. NetEnt is often chosen for entertainment value slots with unique features such as Gonzo’s Quest™ or Jack Hammer™ while MIcrogaming is probably better known for running the casino slots with huge progressive jackpots that run not the millions of Euro. By offering both, the online casino can cater for all tastes. runs a similar combination of casino software but also includes Amanet software which is possibly best known for more simple casino slots arrangements. This stems from the history of Amanet which although a fairly recent addition to the online casino world has been involved in slot machines for many years under the parent company name Amatic Industries. The name is possibly not familiar as the cabinet style machines which it produced were better known for the game rather than the creator. By the very nature of these machines they were and still are generally simpler than some online casino slots but they were popular enough for Amanet to transfer them onto online casinos.

Choosing an online casino for the casino games which you like is one method but as several online casinos are likely to use the same casino software you may well find that the same game is available in more than one place which still leaves you with a choice to make. Some will like to stick with a well known brand such as Paddy Power Casino where the online casino is simply part of a much larger gambling company but where you will never be more than a number. There is nothing wrong with that choice and in fact Paddy Power Casino can only be rated as excellent in a number of ways. Others may prefer a smaller specialised online casino of which there are a number of good ones who like to treat their customers on a more personal basis. Apart from All Irish Casino which has already been mentioned there are a couple who have taken a new approach to the casino bonus. Online casino bonuses have historically been targeted at attracting new players and the most used offer is that of the deposit matching bonus which generally offers to match the size of your first ever deposit into your online casino account. For example if you make a first deposit of €100 then the online casino will give you another €100 with which to play any of the casino games. Unfortunately this is not as simple as it sounds as the casino bonus money is placed into a bonus account rather than your own cash account. True enough that it is available to play any of the casino games but it cannot ever be withdrawn from that account. The only way to get that bonus money out of the online casino is to get it transferred into your playing account and to do that there are what are known as play through requirements. These require you to stake the amount of the bonus a number of times which can often be up to 40 and even then not all casino games are eligible. The terms and conditions for these bonuses are clearly laid out for anybody who takes the trouble to read them but in effect it is very hard to actually get your hands on any of the bonus money but of course you can enjoy playing the casino games for longer.

No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino have taken two different approaches to the bonus issue which may well appeal to some Irish casino players. No Bonus Casino for example does not match any deposit but has a system which gives 10% cash back if you lose. In simple terms, if you make a deposit into your online casino account today and manage to lose it all in the same day then the online casino will refund 10% the very next day. There are a couple of very appealing thing about this offer. Firstly the cash back is placed in your cash account so you can do anything you like with it including making a withdrawal and secondly the offer is available to every player on every deposit made into the casino no matter how long you have been a member.