Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Best choice of games will be on a download casino

By mr-casino on 2011-03-12 10:45:08

One thing that never ceases to surprise us here at is the number of games which are available at online casinos and that number seems to growing by the week. True to say that a number of the so called new games are nothing more than a new version of a slot machine where the only thing that has changed is the characters or features on the reels and while we accept at that a change of music and a change of characters can be attractive we do not consider it a real new casino game. The best choice of games is always going to be on a download casino and that certainly provides faster access to your favourite games but some gamblers are worried about downloading anything from the internet onto their computer for fear of viruses but from our experience at it is very unlikely that any of our recommended online casinos have bugs of any sort and any good commercial antivirus software would catch one anyway; in fact you may find that an antivirus software initially prevents download of an online casino until you give it a trusted status. Download online casinos are of course only useful if you always the use the same computer for your casino gambling; if you are the type of person who uses different computers or internet cafes then you will have to make do with the instant casino versions. If you have downloaded and there are other people likely to use your computer make sure that you do not tick the remember password box as we have had at least one report of a person coming back to their computer only to find that cash balance is empty after a child quite inadvertently logged in and played thinking it was fun money; it wasn’t.