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Blackjack is the second most popular game in the casino

By mr-casino on 2011-03-30 11:04:25

Apart from Roulette the most commonly played game in casinos, whether they be online casinos or land based casinos, is Blackjack and the reason is that it is one of the easiest casino table games to play and it gives you a good chance of winning but it does have to be played with a bit of thought. The idea of Blackjack is to have a higher hand than the dealer without exceeding 21; some will say that you need to be as close to 21 as possible but we dispute that statement as you can win a blackjack hand with a total nowhere near 21, all you need to do is beat the dealer. In an online casino where a random number generator is dealing the cards you only need concern yourself with chance and probability rather than counting cards already played so it may be assumed that there are 52 cards in the deck of which 20 have a value of 10 or in other words 38% of cards have a value of 10. If your two dealt cards have a total of 11 or under you will always draw a card as you cannot exceed 21 with one additional card and similarly if your two cards total 17 or over you will stand so there is only a decision to be made when your cards total 12, 13. 14. 15 or 16 either from the deal or after you have already drawn cards. Once you reach his point, you should pay attention to the dealer’s card which is shown. We know that the dealer will draw a card if the total is 16 or less with 16 being the worst number for the dealer as 61.5% of cards will take them over 21 which means that all blackjack players still in the game will win. There is clearly no means of guaranteeing a win at blackjack as luck plays a major part but by assessing the chances of what the dealer might have will help your decision making process when those difficult numbers come up. Play free blackjack and try different strategies to see what works for you..