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You will never lose money playing free casino

By mr-casino on 2011-03-28 10:10:11

There is a guaranteed way of not losing money at an online casino and that is by playing free casino but the only drawback is that you will not make any money either. Playing for free at an online casino can actually be quite good fun as long as you treat the play money as you would real money by which we mean don’t bet unreasonable amounts just because it is not real money. Online casinos will limit the amount of free money that you get but if you lose it all you can always log out and back in again and the funds will be replenished (if only it was that simple when playing for real money). Free online casino is a great way however to learn and experiment with new games and this is the reason that most online casinos provide the free casino facility; if you want to try a new strategy at Blackjack for example then free casino will enable you to do it or if you see a new slot that takes your fancy then playing for free is a cheap way to learn the payouts and find out how free spins or jackpots are triggered. Watch out also for free play tournaments which are sometimes on offer as they can provide small amounts of real prize money which must be used for playing at the casino but free tournaments can be great entertainment. The problem with free play tournaments is that players will often play differently taking higher risks if there is no money involved so you could be better off playing for real money and although this is not strictly free play casino there are tournaments around with very modest buy ins of a couple of Euro. Free play casino is great fun and a good learning process..