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Blackjack variations can add fun to your online casino play

By mr-casino on 2012-08-05 13:42:59

Blackjack has to be one of the oldest casino games around and at online casinos it still remains a firm favourite but there are some interesting blackjack variations for those of you who find the standard blackjack game a bit repetitive and all of these are available at Paddy Power casino as well as other online casinos that we list here at The first blackjack variation that we shall look at today is known as switch blackjack; this is a very similar game to standard blackjack but you must play two hands and you have the option of switching the two top cards of each hand which can clearly give you an advantage in winning at least one of the hands. As you can imagine, no online casino is going to give you an advantage without some sort of compensation and there are a couple of important ones namely that a blackjack will only pay at odds of 1:1 versus the normal 3:2 and that if the dealer reaches 22 which would be bust in a normal blackjack game all hands become a push (except blackjack). If you feel that when playing blackjack you are dealt an unreasonable number of poor hands then maybe surrender blackjack is the blackjack game for you. In this game you can simply surrender your hand after the first two cards are dealt and you only lose half your original stake but of course having done that you cannot win even if the dealer goes bust. For something more radical try an alternative to blackjack which is not really blackjack at all and that is pontoon. Many Irish casino players consider pontoon to be a blackjack variation and although the casino games are similar there are some big differences; the two largest of which are the fact that the dealer wins in the event of a tie but on the side of the player a blackjack and a five card trick pay at odds of 2:1. Blackjack variations can add a bit of fun to you online casino play.