Casino and online casino list for Ireland

No one online casino is absolutely the best

By mr-casino on 2012-08-01 16:23:25

It seems incredible but here we are in August already and the Olympics are in full swing and before we know it here at we shall be talking about Christmas but not just yet. If you are new to we should tell you that we are a specialised web site aimed at Irish casino players who enjoy the excitement and entertainment of playing at an online casino. We try to give advice about which of the many online casinos we think offer the best in entertainment as well as keeping you in a safe casino play environment. Right now we think that Paddy Power casino is probably the best one around for Irish casino players but depending upon your choice of casino games Ladbrokes casino and Party casino are also well worth a look as is 888 casino. It is very difficult to absolutely say that one online casino is better than another as although the regular games of roulette and blackjack are available everywhere the video slots can be quite different mostly depending upon the casino software which is being used and in making your choice it is also important to know whether you are chasing the huge jackpots worth millions of Euro or whether you enjoy the small stakes games where it is more about the fun than the winning although winning is always a bonus. If you are new to the online casino world you will also notice that all online casinos offer a bonus to new players but we recommend that you read our page about casino bonuses before you jump in as you might find that it is pretty difficult to actually get your hands on the whole of an advertised bonus so also check the terms and conditions before making your selection of online casino. What is for sure is that by choosing from the list of online casinos that we have here on you will at least be assured of a fair and secure casino environment.