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Caribban Stud is an underestimated casino game

By mr-casino on 2012-01-24 15:34:11

Probably one of the most misunderstood games in the online casino is Caribbean Stud Poker and although it is very popular in the casinos of Las Vegas it does not feature widely in the playing habits of Irish gamblers which is a shame as it is a fast moving game and provides a very good chance of winning. Caribbean Stud is indeed a poker game but unlike some other forms of poker, this one is played against the house or the dealer and not against other players which can be an advantage if you are one of the many who like to know what you are playing for before the game starts and you are not very good at bluffing. As you will know, there are poker games where a large bankroll can be an advantage to push other players out of the game but Caribbean Stud is not like that. In terms of playing the cards Caribbean Stud is simplicity itself as there are only two hands of 5 cards dealt, one to you the player and one to the dealer; after this there is no changing of cards or community cards to worry about, at the end of the day, if your hand beats the dealers hand you win. At the outset of Caribbean Stud you must place an ante bet which can be any value within the table limits and after that the cards will be dealt, yours will be face up but the dealer will have only one card of the five showing. You must study your cards and decide whether you can beat the dealer hand based upon the one card that is showing; if you think you can you place a raise bet which is always equal to your original ante bet, the cards are then turned and the best hand wins. There is a minimum hand which the dealer must have in order to play and that is generally an Ace and a King but if you decide to lay and the dealer does not have a good enough hand you will still get paid against your ante bet but not against your raise bet. Caribbean stud is easy to play and good fun..