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Free casino is fun but lacks the excitement of playing for cash

By mr-casino on 2012-01-22 11:02:27

One thing we have never found in a casino is the possibility to play for free but free online casino is available at nearly all online casinos although some make it more difficult to find than others and some also require you to open or have an account before you play free casino even though there is no requirement to make a deposit. The ability to play free casino is a good idea from both the player and the online casino point of view; for the player it enables you to experiment with new casino games that you otherwise would not try and this is especially true of slots where the choice is at times quite overwhelming and for the casino having you try a variety of different games makes their site more attractive. Games that are often tried in the free version before playing for real money are some of the lesser understood ones such as Caribbean Stud or Baccarat where although the rules are very simple many players are not willing to risk their cash without a full understanding. Even for games with which you are familiar such as blackjack, playing free casino can help you try out a new strategy but with games such as roulette which are pure luck playing for free becomes nothing more than a way of passing time. As we said earlier, playing free slots is often a good idea as it allows you to look at the graphics and the listen to the music as well as understand the winning lines and what triggers the free spins and bonuses but if you are looking to land the jackpot you are unfortunately never going to do it playing free casino. Free casino is great fun but nothing substitutes for playing with your hard earned cash and the excitement that comes with that..