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Caribbean stud is a simple casino game

By mr-casino on 2016-03-23 13:18:06

The very thought of playing poker at an online casino is enough to put many Irish casino players off as it has a reputation of being a place where you can lose your money to a better player but online casinos do offer alternative poker games where that is not the case and one of those is Caribbean Stud Poker or simply Caribbean Stud as the casino game is more commonly known. Caribbean stud as played at online casinos is a poker game in as much as the idea is to have a 5 card poker hand but there is no bluffing or changing of cards or random raising of the stakes and instead of being played against a number of other players it is simply you and the dealer. Caribbean stud is simple enough at online casinos and after placing an ante bet the two hands are dealt; yours is face up but only one card of the dealers hand is exposed. Your only decision is this form of online casino poker is whether you think you can beat the dealer or not. Folding at this stage will result in a loss of the ante bet immediately but if you elect to play an additional bet is required which is exactly twice your original ante bet and that is the maximum exposure in any one hand. After your raise bet is placed the cards are revealed and the winner determined. Should you win your ante is paid at odds of even money but for your raise bet to be paid out the dealer must have what is called a qualifying hand which is generally an Ace/King or better. The better your hand the better the odds are but each online casino can have different odds so check that out first. Even if the dealer does not have a qualifying hand you will still win your ante bet regardless of what you have.