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Caribbean stud is a simple casino poker game

By mr-casino on 2015-08-16 15:35:23

The very mention of the word poker scares some online casino players off but not all poker games carry the threat of losing all your money to a better or more experienced player and one such game available at most online casinos is Caribbean Stud Poker or simply Caribbean stud for short. Caribbean stud is a poker game in that the idea is to have a poker hand of five cards but there are only two hands involved which are the dealers and the players and the best hand wins. There is no changing of cards and there is no bluffing or raising unless the player wishes to do so which makes Caribbean stud the simplest of poker games at online casinos. After an ante bet is placed five cards are dealt to both the player and the dealer but only one of the dealers cards is face up and based on what you can see you can either fold or raise. A raise bet is always twice the ante bet so factor that in when deciding on your ante bet size. Obviously if you fold then your ante bet is lost but if you raise then the dealers cards are turned over and the best hand wins except that there are some small provisos. Firstly in online casino Caribbean stud the dealer must have what is known as a qualifying hand in order for your raise bet to qualify and the qualifying hand at most online casinos is an Ace/King or better. If the dealer does not have a qualifying hand your raise bet is invalid and is returned but your ante bet is paid at even money. If the dealer does have a qualifying hand and yours is better then you win and the odds will depend on how good your hand is. In this aspect online casinos can differ so it is worthwhile checking out but for example two pairs will mostly pay at odds of 2:1. Caribbean stud at an online casino is vastly different from the televised poker games of Texas Hold’em.