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Caribbean stud is a simple online casino game

By mr-casino on 2014-09-30 14:12:43

If you enjoy the idea of the online casino game of poker but not the possibility of losing to a better player or one with deeper pockets there are not that many alternatives but two possibilities are video poker or Caribbean Stud. Of the two which are available at online casinos Caribbean stud is likely to be the more interesting as video poker is more like a casino slot machine. Caribbean stud is actually a great game when played at an online casino as it is quick and you set your own stakes and even if you have never played Caribbean stud before it is very easy to learn as long as you know the sequence of 5 card poker hands. When playing online casino Caribbean stud after an ante bet is placed five cards will be dealt to you and another five to the dealer but only one of the dealers cards will be showing and the idea of the game is to have a hand which is better than the dealer. There is no changing of cards at online casino Caribbean stud so what you are dealt is what you have and all you have to do is decide whether you can beat the dealer or not and your choices are either to call in which case you must place an additional bet equal to twice your ante or simply fold in which case you lose your ante bet straight away. Having done that the dealers cards will be revealed and any winnings paid out. For the call bet to pay out the dealer must have what is called a qualifying hand which is an Ace/King or better and if that is not the case then your ante bet will be paid at even money. It is interesting to note however that Caribbean stud as played at online casinos does not require you to have a qualifying hand so if you are brave enough to place a call bet with a poor hand you can still win your ante bet as long as the dealer does not qualify and that is true even if the dealer hand would have beaten your hand.