Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Casino jackpots grow quickly due to common casino software

By mr-casino on 2014-09-28 12:10:13

Although most Irish casino players  choose their online casino according to the name which they trust, the actual casino games that they play are controlled by the casino software which that online casino uses and while there are very many online casinos there are not that many good casino software suppliers. All the major online casinos which as an Irish casino player you are likely to come across use one of the five major casino software suppliers and these are Chartwell, Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and Wagerworks. This relationship also accounts for why several online casinos appear to be very similar except of course for the branding and they even have the same list of games which is particularly true in the casino slots area. The fact that several online casinos use the same casino software is no problem and in fact it can be beneficial when it comes to progressive jackpots as it is the casino software that actually controls the jackpot. All online casinos that use that particular software will contribute very small amounts on each spin to the slots jackpot and often several different slots are contributing to the same jackpot and it is exactly this which enables the slots jackpots to grow quickly. The fact that the casino software is paying out the jackpot also explains why it is that an online casino is very happy when somebody wins when playing at their online casino as it gives them publicity but costs nothing more than the contributions they have already paid. From the five major online casino software suppliers there are really no favourites although does like NetEnt as it seems to offer some slightly different casino slots. NetEnt casino software is used at All Irish Casino and No Bonus Casino so that is where to go if you would like to take a look.