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Caribbean stud poker jackpots can be interesting

By mr-casino on 2013-10-19 12:42:27

There are a couple of different forms of Caribbean Stud poker at the major online casinos in Ireland and although no one is better than the other you need to make a choice. The online casinos in question are Paddy Power casino, All Irish casino and Ladbrokes casino with All Irish casino and Paddy Power casino being very similar with Ladbrokes casino being that bit different and in fact at Ladbrokes casino the game of Caribbean Stud is called Cyberstud Poker. The idea of the game at any online casino is the same and that is to form a five card poker hand which is better than the dealers hand and play starts with five cards being dealt to you with one face up card to the dealer whereupon you must decide whether to call or fold; the dealer must have an Ace/King for your call bet to be paid. The difference between the forms of Caribbean Stud lies in the payouts of the call bet and the payouts of the jackpot bets so for example a simple pair win on Caribbean Stud at All Irish casino or Paddy Power casino pays out at odds of one to one or even money but at Ladbrokes casino that payout is 2:1 and similarly three of a kind is 3:1 at Paddy and All Irish but 4:1 at Ladbrokes which might make you ask the question why anyone would play at Paddy or All Irish and the answer lies in the jackpot payouts which are not available at Ladbrokes. By placing a jackpot bet at either of the online casinos carrying the jackpot game you have a chance to win a large amount of cash and although the complete jackpot can only be won with a royal flush there are very good odds for lower hands starting at three of a kind. As an example a full house in Caribbean stud will normally pay at 7:1 but a jackpot bet pays out at a stunning 100:1 and that is the reason why many players will choose an online casino with a jackpot Caribbean stud game even though the initial payouts seem to be less.