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Casino cheating using marked cards

By mr-casino on 2013-10-21 09:03:35

It is frequently seen in films but now according to the Irish casino news cheating using marked cards and special glasses has reached Cannes in France. To be absolutely correct they were not even special glasses as they were in fact special contact lenses made in China which could pick up invisible ink on cards. This type of card cheating in a casino clearly needs accomplices and according to the Irish casino news there were two corrupt casino staff that did the marking for him. The gentleman from Italy managed to win substantial sums before being caught after suspicion was raised when he was winning rather easily and probably made a rod for his back by discarding a couple of good hands suggesting that he knew what the dealers cards were. Unfortunately for him he was prosecuted and reports in the Irish casino news suggest he got 2 years in prison and a €100,000 fine. Fortunately this type of cheating does not happen at an online casino. Elsewhere in the Irish casino news we read that the Cal Neva hotel and casino once owned by Frank Sinatra is to be renovated and restored to its former glory. The casino was famous in the early 60s when Sinatra and other members of the infamous rat pack stayed there and it was well known for the tunnel system which was originally built for smuggling alcohol between California and Nevada during the prohibition but at the time provided celebrities and mobsters with a route out without being seen. According to the Irish casino news the tunnels will be part of a tour route. Online casinos amongst other things have been blamed for the demise of such places but the major reason was probably Las Vegas which made the whole gambling scene much more respectable.