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Casino deposit options are many but choose carefully

By mr-casino on 2018-10-09 16:11:39

It is becoming easier and easier to open an online casino account as the number of casino deposit options increases but despite the rise of so called e-wallets it is till the good old credit and debit cards that are most used. The online casinos don’t really care which of the many deposit options you use and generally speaking there are no charges made by the online casinos either for the deposit or for withdrawals of eventual winnings but the same cannot be said for the card issuers who are always keen to make money. Credit card deposits are the worst culprits as there is more than one set of charges associated with their use. Firstly credit card issuers will make a charge for using the card for the simple reason that it is gambling. It is easy for them to know it is gambling from the account number which the payment is going to. This charge is not just for online casinos, by the way, as even deposits into your sports gambling account will carry the same charges. The charges are probably specified in the terms and conditions of your credit card agreement but as few people ever read those it may come as an unpleasant surprise. Some Irish casino players may well consider that the fee is worth the convenience but it is useful to know about it in advance.

Unfortunately the costs of using a credit card, as one of the casino deposit options, does not stop there as there is another charge. The cash from a credit card deposit is available in your playing account straightaway which is good from the player’s point of view but from the card issuers point of view this becomes a cash transaction just as if you had withdrawn cash from an ATM sung your credit card. You may have never done that and generally you would have no need to do so as most folk will use a debit card for that purpose but if you had, you would notice that interest is charged from the day of the transaction. Even if you someone who religiously pays off the credit card bill at the end of the month the interest charge will be there. These two charges might seem quite small but when playing casino games at an online casino where the house edge is small such as Blackjack, the credit card charges can easily be more than the house edge so you are negative even before you start playing. Using a debit card as a casino deposit option is much better as there are no charges but even then there is the downside of your bank knowing what you are doing. That might not be important to some but for those looking for a loan when expenditure is checked might prefer that kind of activity to remain hidden. The only successful way to avoid that is to use one of the many e-wallets. Even when linked to a bank account there is no way for the bank to know what the money has been spent on apart from the fact that it was an online transaction.

All the online casinos on the recommended list have a variety of e-wallets which can be used but many of them will not use PayPal as there are charges which are made on the casino which would have to be passed on. The most popular wallets for Irish casino players seem to be Skrill and Neteller both of which are possible at online casinos such as No Bonus casino. No Bonus Casino has to be mentioned as it seems to be becoming the most popular of the smaller online casinos and that is no wonder considering the fantastic alternative they offer to the traditional joining bonus which only helps new players. The name No Bonus only partly explains what is going on. True enough that there are no bonuses for anybody but what they do have is cash back if you lose. This might sound too good to be true but it is a fact that under certain conditions you can get cash back and those conditions are not that difficult. In simple terms if you make a deposit into your online casino account at No Bonus Casino and manage to lose the whole lot by playing any of the casino games on site then 10% cash back will be refunded into your playing account the very next day. You must not have more than €10 in your account at the time but that is about the only restriction on the offer.

What makes this even better is that although this will attract new players, the same offer is available to everyone who is registered on every deposit they make into their account. Secondly, many online casinos have restrictions on casino bonus money such as play through requirements which make it difficult to actually get your hands on the cash but when No Bonus Casino says cash back that is exactly what it means. The cash back is credited to your playing account which means it is yours to do with as you wish so you can either carry on playing or you can even take it out of your account. You have to do something with it within 10 days or it will be forfeited but that should not be to tough. This really is a fantastic offer and should encourage many online casino players to switch to No Bonus casino. The casino itself has a huge range of casino games from casino software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Amanet which means all the best and biggest jackpot casino slots games are there along with some of the most amusing ones. Licenses have been issued both from the Malta Gaming Authority which is one of the foremost online gaming centres of Europe as well as the UK Gambling Commission. This pretty much guarantees fraud free transactions and 100% fair game play.