Casino and online casino list for Ireland

The best casino from all the online casinos available

By mr-casino on 2018-09-03 09:23:19

There are so many online casinos available to Irish casino players but which is the best? This is a question which attempts to answer but it can only be an opinion as what appeals to one person is different to what appeals to someone else so the best casino is in the eyes of the beholder or in other words there is no definite answer. has made some attempt to list several online casinos in order of their preference and these can be seen at the top left of the home page of the site. The important thing to remember though is that whichever of the online casinos listed you choose, they have all been vetted to ensure they are correctly licensed and operated under a reputable jurisdiction which means they are all safe to use and offer fair casino games. The most popular places to gain a valid license are Malta and Gibraltar and they are possibly the two best known centres in Europe for online gaming or i-gaming as it is sometimes known but there are others such as certain Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man. An added level of the feeling of security can be a license issued by the UK Gambling Commission although this is more of a tax issue than actually changing any of the regulations.

Top of the list as best casino is All Irish Casino and it has been for a number of years. The online casino was set up originally with Irish casino players in mind and has tried to keep things as uncomplicated as possible while still offering as many casino games, if not more than other online casinos. The online casino has also not stood still over the years and has added more casino software companies to the line up offering even more choice of casino games. The most recent addition has been casino games from a casino software company called Amatic Industries which operates online under the name Amanet. Amatic is not a well known name but they have been in the casino slots industry for a long time but have historically concentrated on the cabinet style machines found in clubs and bars all over Europe. They subsequently decide to bring some of their slots into the online world and All Irish Casino was one of the first to adopt the slots into the offering. For the sake of confusion, online casinos do not write their own casino software any more preferring instead to use bespoke software companies who in turn do not venture into operating online casinos. The principle casino software supplier at All Irish Casino remains NetEnt who also happen to be one of the largest casino software suppliers but this is backed up by casino games by Microgaming which is another of the big boys. The combination of these three gives not only a large number of casino slots but also a range from simple three reel slots to the super slots with the enormous progressive jackpots. Whether this is really the best casino or not is up to you to judge but it is in any event well worth looking at.

Second on the list is a relative newcomer which is called Fun Casino. This was born from a couple of ideas such as that some online casinos have forgotten that playing at an online casino should be fun rather than an exercise in passing the time and that playing at an online casino can only be fun when people are playing with money that they can afford to lose. Many online gambling companies support the slogan “When the fun stops stop” but maybe some do not do enough to actually help players adhere to the slogan. Fun Casino might be new but it is run by an experienced team and it is, of course correctly licensed. Fun Casino has selected some of the most amusing casino slots from a number of casino software suppliers to make sure that there is a fun element such as Birds on a Wire™ which has birds which look like no real bird you have ever seen flying around inside a brown paper bag. The second element of Fun Casino involves keeping it fun by playing within your means but only the player themselves knows what that means for them so the casino has several ways that players can set their own limits. These include deposit limits within a set period of time, wagering limits by day, week or month, bet limits, the amount of playing time allowed or even exclusion for a period of a week, 30 days, 6 months or even permanent. The choice is entirely yours but if no personal preferences are set then the standard house limits will apply rather than there being no limits. This might all seem inconvenient when setting up an account and for the vast majority of players it is but to protect the ore vulnerable it is essential to keep online casino as fun.

Skipping to number 4 on the list there is No Bonus Casino which has also recognised a weakness in the market in the area of casino bonuses. Most online casinos have bonuses which are to attract new players and are therefore target those bonuses at new players only. These are generally in the form of deposit matching bonuses whereby the casino will match the first or second deposits made by a new player. The bonus money however is not placed into a playing account but rather into a special bonus account and it cannot be withdrawn as cash until it has been staked a number of times which is usually around 40 times. This can make the getting hold of the bonus money very difficult. No Bonus Casino takes a new approach and instead gives money back if you lose a whole deposit in a single day. The offer is for every player, not just new ones, and cash back really is cash to do with as you wish with no restrictions. Maybe this makes No Bonus Casino the best casino in your eyes.