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Casino deposit options are pretty much the same everywhere

By mr-casino on 2019-04-19 12:35:51

One of the most popular casino deposit options is the use of a credit card and yet there are rumours going around the online casino industry that the use of credit cards should be banned. This is presumably to prevent people playing with credit although there will be  many players who use a credit card as one of their casino deposit options but pay off the balance every month with no issues. Once again this seems like measures taken to void a few getting into difficulties at the expense of the many that have no problem. Whether this will ever happen or whether it would affect Irish casino players anyway remains to be seen. Regardless of that using a credit card to make deposits into online casinos is not the cheapest method even though it might be the most convenient for many folk. All online casinos accept the major credit cards and make no charges for the privilege so there is no problem there but when it comes to the credit card issuer it is a different story. For reasons known only unto themselves credit card companies already make a charge for using the card for gambling of any sort. If you were not aware of that then check your written agreement terms and conditions. Online casinos are obviously form of gambling and the problem arises because the cash is available in your casino account immediately which means it is cash transaction.

All cash transactions will be subject to a fee which is often in the range of 3% of the transaction value. This may not seem very much and possibly you are willing to put up with that cost but when you consider that the theoretical margin on some casino games such as roulette is also around that number then it has a profound effect. That is already bad enough but unfortunately that is not the end of the story. Cash transactions with a credit card which includes online casino deposits as well as cash withdrawals from an ATM are subject to interest charges from the day of the transaction to the day the balance is repaid and everybody knows about the very high interest rates on credit cards. This means that even if you are one of those people that pay off the balance of your credit card in full you will still be paying interest charges. Convenient it might be but economical it is not but fortunately online casinos have other casino deposit options available.

Online casino deposits are internet transactions just like any other form of shopping and as internet shopping has grown so have methods for paying. It probably all started with PayPal which was invented as a payment method for eBay purchases and is still being used today but now others have followed the lead and there are a number of what are called e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller™ amongst others. Any of these can be used to make deposits into your online casino account as long as they are accepted by the online casino. Each online casino will state which of these cards they accept but do not be surprised if PayPal is not amongst them. Some online casinos have taken exception to the additional charges levied on them by PayPal and now refuse to accept it as a deposit option. E-wallets are not free to operate even though there is normally no charge for having an account and there is no charge for shopping transactions which includes online casinos but there could well be a charge for funding the account from your bank account but every country is different. In any even an e-wallet is cheaper than using a credit card and an account is very easy to open.

Another of the popular casino deposit options is a debit card. Using a debit card is the cheapest of all casino deposit options as it is totally free. Cash is available in your casino account immediately and it can be done 24 hours a day. You will need to have a balance in your bank account to cover the transaction as no credit is available on debit cards unless you have a prior agreement with your bank which is unlikely for an online casino transaction. This is not a bad thing as discourages anybody from playing casino games with money which they do not have so debit cards help this approach. Online casinos make no charge for using a debit card either for receiving deposits or for paying out winnings.

As all online casinos have pretty much the same casino deposit options your choice of where to play is not going to depend on that so there must be other factors to consider. Much advertising centres around bonuses both for sports gambling and online casinos but the bonuses are quite different. In sports gambling it is usually a simple free bet but the more usual bonus for online casinos is what is known as a deposit matching bonus whereby the online casino “gives” a new player money equivalent to the value of their first ever deposit. There are a number of terms and conditions attached to this the most important of which is that the bonus money must be staked up to 40 times on certain casino games before any profits can be withdrawn. The other unfortunate thing about this type of casino bonus is that it is for new players only. Perhaps a better idea can be found at which you can click through to from this site. This online casino treats all players the same no matter how long they have been registered and instead of a bonus gives cash back to players if they lose. In simple terms any player that makes a deposit and manages to lose all of that deposit on the same day will receive 10% back as cash the next day. There are no requirements to stake the cash back as it is placed directly into the players playing account so it can even be withdrawn.