Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Casino licensing is very important in choosing an online casino

By mr-casino on 2019-04-27 10:07:29

Many people still treat online casinos with suspicion if they are not part of a well known group such as Paddy Power or Ladbrokes but in truth as long as they are correctly licensed and use respected casino software they are likely to be just as trustworthy as any other. There is always the possibility of fraudulent activity as with any form of internet transaction but following advice such as given at is possibly the best way of avoiding trouble and it is more likely to be players who attempt fraud then the online casino. Even at long established internet trading sites such as eBay there are still people who attempt to trade illegally and often they get away with it but online casinos are much smarter and have multiple systems in place to catch players trying to cheat. Part of the licensing process for online casinos is having systems in place to prevent money laundering so most will have employees dedicated to anti fraud. This is part of the reason that licensing is so important and the place where that license is issued has to be a recognised authority. The best known authorities are in Malta and Gibraltar although the Isle of Man and Alderney are also perfectly respectable. It should come as no real surprise to find that all online casinos recommended at have licenses issued by one of these countries.

You may also notice that some online casinos listed also have licenses issued by the UK Gambling Commission which is a prerequisite for allowing players from the UK to play. This is however not really an extra layer of protection as the requirements are exactly the same as for license from countries already mentioned. The UK insists that online casinos have a separate license for the simple reason that they demand tax from casinos on proceeds from players based in the UK. This has no effect on the players as everything remains tax free for them. Ireland has no such legislation. Online casinos are obliged to state on the site where they are licensed so if you choose not to follow one of the recommendations of make sure that you know the answer and beware licesnes issued in some obscure country.

The second important issue for online casinos is the casino software which they have chosen to use. It is after all the casino software which drives the casino games and will determine whether you win or lose rather than the online casino. The online casino will do everything it can to attract new players and keep existing players by introducing new games and making special promotions but the casino software will control the result. There are many casino software suppliers although far fewer than there are online casinos and the major players are probably Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and Amanet most of which offer a complete range of casino games but all offer a large range of casino slots. There are plenty of other casino software suppliers such as NYX, Thunderkick, NextGen, Elk to name a few which are perfectly legitimate but generally have fewer games on offer. Several online casinos therefore use these suppliers in combination with each other to make sure players have a wide choice. Some online casinos such as Paddy Power Casino prefer to use a single casino software supplier whereas others such as CasinoLand or No Bonus Casino prefer the multiple software approach. The important thing is that you can trust the software to provide honest games and if using one of the recommended casinos you can be sure of that. has provided a list of online casinos for Irish casino players in some form of order of preference but that is always going to be a question of personal choice. CasinoCasino appears at the top of the list due to the huge range of casino games and the excellent appearance of the site and clarity of graphics but you might prefer Fun Casino where the emphasis is on keeping online casino play in the fun zone. All online casinos provide players with opportunities to place limits on themselves but fun casino goes a little bit further by insisting that players determine limits straightway when registering. These can of course be altered at a later date with the appropriate notice period but the measure is designed to avoid issues that nobody wants. Should you choose not to place limits then house limits will apply which may or may not suit you. This may seem to be an extra burden but the casino thinks that a problem avoided is good for everyone in the longer term.

If neither of those appeals then go for No Bonus Casino which not only has a complete range of casino games but also gives you cash back if you lose. Unlikely we hear you say but true nevertheless. has doubts about this when it first appeared but the promotion has been running for a long time now and has proven successful. The promotion is pretty simple in operation and says that if you make a deposit into your casino account on any day and go on to lose all of that deposit on the same day as it was made then 10% will be returned the very next day. This is an exceptional offer as there are no restrictions on which casino games can be played; if you lose that is sufficient, plus this is not an offer for new players only as it is there for every player on every deposit. Also cash back really is cash. Many casino bonus offers have lengthy terms and conditions that insist that bonus money be staked a number of times on certain casino games and only after fulfilling those requirements can money be withdrawn. At No Bonus Casino the cash back is placed directly back into your playing account meaning that it becomes yours immediately to do whatever you like with. If you want to carry on playing with it you can but if you want to withdraw it you can do that too.