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Casino news reports a man killed by bookmakers sign

By mr-casino on 2013-02-15 10:26:31

We all know the advantages of playing at online casinos as opposed to a land based casino in terms of the variety of casino games on offer and the fact that in your own home you can dress how you like and eat and drink what and when you like but we were a little surprised to read in the casino news that it is also safer. According to the general casino news a man was killed in London when he was hit on the head by a sign falling from a William Hill bookmakers shop; whether he was entering or leaving the premises or simply walking past is not known at this time. Whilst our sympathy clearly goes out to the gentleman and his family it appears that high street bookmakers are dangerous places so stay at home and play online casino from there. The investigation is of course still ongoing but it would appear to be a freak accident. Also in the casino news is the fact that the 888 online casino group is reporting record revenues once again with online casino and online poker customer numbers rising nearly 9% in the most recent quarter. The current recession is bringing a variety of conflicting reports into the casino news with some online casinos reporting record revenues and others saying that the recession is hitting hard as customers are spending less. Here at we are not seeing any lack of interest in online casinos although at the same time we have not noticed any dramatic increase either. It could be that most online casino players are sensible in their approach and are cutting back elsewhere on such things as going out for drinks and food in favour of eating at home and then of course playing their favourite casino games.