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Casino news reports problems encountered by small minority

By mr-casino on 2013-07-25 08:54:27

The very large majority of online casino players play with stakes that they can easily afford to lose and it is therefore a form of entertainment just the same as any other form such as going out for dinner or going to the cinema which you expect to cost money but with online casinos there is always the chance that you can make money instead but what hits the general casino news always is when it goes wrong for a small minority and it is not always for huge amounts of money. One recent case in the casino news concerns a man in the UK who was or possibly still is a debt collector and who having collected £6000 from a company which was supposed to be deposited into his employers account borrowed £30 of it to pay for his petrol which everybody can understand as long as it can be repaid immediately. Unfortunately reports in the casino news suggest that he went to bookmakers’ and a casino to try to recoup the £30 and ended up losing all £6000. This demonstrates that it is not only online casinos where a small minority gets into trouble but it is this that always hits the headlines of the casino news. According to the casino news he was lucky to receive a suspended prison sentence. Also in the general casino news we learn that Grosvenor Casino in London is offering casino lessons to customers who can have dinner in the restaurant and earn free chips (gambling variety). This is not much use to the Irish casino player and as most online casinos have full explanations of how to play the various casino games it seems a rather pointless exercise unless of course you are hungry. There is always some obscure casino news but don’t let the troubled casino players stop you from playing, simply control yourself better than they do.