Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Free casino play uses all the same casino games

By mr-casino on 2013-07-23 10:35:34

You can of course walk into a land based casino and be welcomed even though you have no money and have no intention of gambling but what you cannot do is actually play at the casino and although there can be fun to be had in watching others and their emotions, it only works for a short time. At an online casino however you can play the casino for free with most of the excitement of playing for real money; the level of excitement will of course never be the same as when you stand to win or lose real money but free casino play at online casinos uses all the same games and casino software so there is no real difference apart from risking your own cash. There will be a pot of free play cash and if you go mad it can be very quickly lost but generally speaking by logging off and back on again you can refresh the pot and start again. Not all casino games will be available for free casino so for example the progressive jackpot slots or any other jackpot game cannot be played for free as you are not contributing to the jackpot but nevertheless there is a wide range of free casino games at most online casinos. It must be said that some online casinos make it easier than others to play for free so for example at which is one the recommended online casinos you can play free casino on the site immediately whereas at other online casinos they request that you register and open an account even though there is no requirement to make a deposit and at others such as Party Casino the free play option can be difficult to find even when you are a registered customer. Whichever you choose, playing free casino can be great fun for a short while but sooner or later playing for real money is the only real answer.