Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Casino slots at online casinos come in multiple shapes and sizes

By mr-casino on 2016-08-12 16:03:38

All online casinos have an enormous range of casino slots available to Irish casino players and they are proving more and more popular. The attraction of winning vast sums of money for a relatively small outlay is the incentive for many although not every slot at an online casino has a jackpot which runs into the millions of Euro. Those that do are called progressive jackpot casino slots and they achieve the huge jackpots by being available at several online casinos simultaneously, all of which contribute a small amount on every spin. The jackpot is actually controlled by the casino software supplier rather than an individual online casino and it is the software supplier that ultimately provides the jackpot cash. This helps explain why any online casino is extremely happy when one of its customers hits one of these huge jackpots as they can get all the publicity which they hope will encourage more players without it actually costing any more money. The only slight drawback to these casino slots is that if you want the really big money you will need to be playing for the maximum amount per winning line which can be quite high. You do not however have to play for the maximum number of lines at the same time although not doing so clearly restricts your chances of winning.

There are however plenty of Irish casino slots players who are playing for the enjoyment and the excitement of winning even small amounts of cash and for those people there is a huge array of casino slots. One of the favourites these days is Jack Hammer™ or Jack Hammer 2™ which are brought by the casino software company Ne Entertainment and can be found at online casinos such as All Irish Casino and No Bonus Casino. This particular casino slots has a unique feature called “sticky wins” which can increase any win considerably with a maximum possible win of 990,000 coins. The casino slot works in a traditional way of having five reels with three symbols showing but the difference is that each of the fifteen symbols can be spun individually and it is this which enables the sticky win feature to be played. Within the slot are 99 winning lines and as soon as there are winning symbols those symbols are held and the remaining ones are spun again automatically and requires no additional funding from the player. If the respin results in another win then the process is repeated over and over until no further win has been achieved whereupon the biggest win is paid out. There are also the traditional free spin and wild symbols. The free spin symbols are particularly attractive as just three of them activates the sticky wins feature which gives a good chance of reaching the free spins target of a minimum of five symbols. This minimum gives 10 free spins and all wins are doubled. Six symbols on the other hand gives 13 free spins with 7 giving 16 spins and 8 giving 20 free spins.

Another of the very interesting casino slots is Gonzo’s Quest™ which is available at the same All Irish Casino and No Bonus Casino. This particular slot has an Aztec theme from Peru and is a fifteen symbol slot again with each symbol being independent. The symbols in this case are Aztec symbols on stone blocks. Any winning stone blocks explode and are automatically replaced by other blocks and wins are doubled. If these replacement blocks result in yet another win the process repeats until no further win is achieved. Each win is paid out and the maximum multiplier is five times in normal play. Gonzo’s Quest however has free spins which are called free falls which is triggered by three free fall symbols or it can include a wild symbol. This enters into a different realm (Gonzo will guide you) where 10 free falls are played and where the multipliers start at three times and subsequent wins increase the multiplier up to a maximum of 15 times which can result in some pretty spectacular wins. Gonzo himself is also quite amusing and it worth keeping the sound on.

If you are more of a traditionalist casino slots player you can find a selection of three and five reel slots which use the fruit and bell symbols from a bygone age. These slots are brought to you by Amanet which is the name used by Amatic Industries and they are probably the simplest of slots around. They can be found at online casinos such as Freespins Casino under the slots tab rather than the video slots tab. There are a number of similar slots with names such as Hot Seven™ or Bells on Fire™ and they all present simple and easy to follow casino slots. Another slightly more complicated casino slot which uses only three reels but still the fruit symbols is Mega Joker™. In this casino slot which is also available under the slots tab at Free Spins Casino and wins can either be gambled, collected or transferred to an upper slot known as the super meter where again the same fruit symbols appear but the winnings are ten times those in the lower slot. In this way you can gamble to win more or simply take your winnings.

There really are hundreds of casino slots at online casinos and it is impossible to describe them all so any slots player really has to decide what they want. There are plenty that use well known figures from comic books or even movies and there are those with themes such as an Irish theme using leprechauns, pots of gold and four leafed clovers. You can probably also find some animal features such as cats or dogs so there is bound to be something to suit everybody. The only real decision is whether to chase the huge jackpots or simple settle for more modest wins but whichever way you choose wishes you the best of luck.