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Casino slots are possibly the most popular casino games

By mr-casino on 2017-07-14 16:52:23

Thousands of people from all over the world play at online casinos every day so it is very difficult to gather information about which of the many casino games are the most popular but one thing for sure is that casino slots are right up there. What makes casino slots so popular is open to speculation but there are certainly a couple of things that make them attractive. Firstly is the fact that there is no skill involved; playing casino slots at any online casino is a simple question of deciding your stake, clicking the spin button and hoping for the best. Some casino games have an element of skill or judgement involved but not so casino slots, with luck you win and without it you lose. The second highly attractive feature is that it is possible to win large amounts of cash without risking large amounts in stakes. In the casino game of blackjack for example the maximum payout is for a blackjack and that is 3:2 or one and a half times your stake so in order to win large amounts you must stake large amounts. Casino slots on the other hand can pay jackpots even with minimum stakes per line. The very large progressive jackpots which run into the many millions of Euro can however only be won when playing the maximum stake per line.

Many but not all casino slots at online casinos give you a choice of stake per line and number of winning lines to be played which enables Irish casino players to make a wide selection of stakes per spin. The stake per spin equals the stake per winning line times the number of lines played. To take an example of this look at the casino slot Dragons Pearl™ which has been created by the casino software company Amanet and can be found at the popular This slot has 41 winning lines but you can bet on 1 winning line, 11 winning lines, 21 winning lines, 31 winning lines or the full 41. You can also adjust your stake per line from 1 coin to 20 coins. This effectively means that you can bet anything between 1 coin per spin and 820 coins per spin. Other casino slots have a simpler approach and give no choice of number of lines played but still offer a choice of stake per spin. An example of this is the ever popular Gonzo’s Quest which is brought to you by NetEnt. This casino slot is widely available but can also be found at and it is a 20 line casino slot. You are always play 20 winning lines so the minimum stake is 20 coins at level 1 and coin value 1 cent which is 20 cents per spin. This can however be increased to level 5 and the coin value to 50 cents which makes a bet of €50 per spin so the combinations are considerable.

Most casino slots these days are 5 reel slots which means that the symbols are arranged on 5 independent reels but there are also a few three reel slots with minimal winning lines and there are planet of Irish casino players that prefer these as they are much easier to follow and know when you have a winning line. An example of this is called Fruit Slots and can be found at All Irish Casino. This is a very simple three reel slot with one winning line. The minimum bet is 1 coin and the maximum is three and it resembles the original fruits and bars of many years ago. This does however appeal to some. Not all casino slots however have reels at all. New electronics have allowed casino slots to develop which still have 15 symbols showing as you might expect from a 5 reel slot but instead of 5 fixed reels with 3 symbols each the 15 symbols are totally independent of each other which enables some new twists to be introduced to the games. Look for example at the video slot Jack Hammer™ which can be found at either or Here there are 25 lines permanently in play but you can adjust your stake sing the level and coin value buttons. The unique thing here is that there is a feature permanently in play called Sticky Wins™. This feature which is believed to be only available at this casino slot causes winning lines to be held while all other symbols are spun again. This can and often does result in the original win being improved and if this happens then the process is repeated not once but again and again until such time as the win is no longer improved whereupon that win is paid out. There are also wilds and free spins which help the process along. Free spins are particularly attractive as in free spins mode all wins are tripled. It does take a minimum of 5 free spins symbols to get into the free spins mode which sounds rather a lot but remember that the Sticky wins™ feature applies to free spins symbols as well so three symbols will start the ball rolling and with respins 5 symbols is not an impossible target.

The previously mentioned Gonzo’s Quest™ also use the 15 independent symbols but in a different way. In this casino slot it is the winning symbols which are replaced by means of blocks exploding and those above dropping down. Subsequent wins achieved by the new arrangement are subject to a win multiplier which after the first win moves to 2X and subsequently to 3X and 5X with successive wins. Again free spins are a good way to achieve good wins with the win multiplier starting at 3X and moving up to 15X. Watch out for activity from Gonzo in this slot as he sometimes shares in your happiness of winning. Casino slots at online casinos have come a long way and they are still developing so who knows what the next feature will be.