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Casino slots are probably the most played casino games

By mr-casino on 2018-01-22 09:52:13

As mentioned just a few days ago casino slots are probably the most played casino games by Irish casino players at online casinos and although there could be a number of reasons for that one is without doubt the fact that winnings can be huge and in fact life changing if you are playing one of the progressive jackpot slots. Recently over the holiday period casino slots such as Santa’s Wild Ride and Deck the Halls have been extremely popular but these will steadily decline as we go further into the New Year. Certain casino slots however will always remain popular and they are the ones that provide maximum entertainment value such as Gonzo’s Quest™ or Jack Hammer™. These two are top of the list for casino slots in the opinion of as they add a different dimension to the regular 5 reel slot but don’t take anybody’s word for it; try them out for yourself. Although these two casino slots have different features they also have one thing in common and that is the ability of all symbols to move independently from each other. Whereas in a standard 5 reel slot the symbols are fixed to one of the five reels and therefore any movement must be the complete reel, having them independent raises the flexibility of gaining winning lines. This is actually easier to see than it is to explain so go to All Irish Casino and try these two out.

There are actually two Jack Hammer™ games and although they use different symbols they both have Sticky Wins™ which is the trademarked feature which is enabled by having independent symbols. With this feature once a winning line is triggered any symbols forming part of that winning line are held and all others are replaced. Clearly in a standard 5 reel casino slot any three winning symbols would be on different reels so holding three reels would leave only two reels to be replaced if there were such a feature. With independent symbols however holding three of them leaves another 12 which can be replaced which clearly gives a much better chance of being able to improve the win and that is what it is all about. Holding the winning symbols at this casino slot happens automatically and there is no need to add additional funds. If replacing symbols results in the original win being improved then the process repeats itself with all symbols in the winning combination being held and all others being replaced. There is no limit to the number of times that this can happen; as long as the win is improved it continues. In this way a nominal win of three symbols can very easily become quite a substantial win. The big wins on this casino slot are in the free spins mode which is accessed by having five or more free spins symbols which are time bombs. Five free spins symbols achieves 10 free spins but of course with Sticky Wins™ applying to free spins symbols as well it is very possible to get anything up to 15 symbols at the same time. Anything over 9 free spins symbols will get you 30 free spins and all wins are trebled in free spins mode. Five symbols might seem quite a lot to trigger free spins but remember that with Sticky Wins™ active just three will start you off. As casino slots go this is a good one.

The other casino slot mentioned is Gonzo’s Quest™ which again is available at All Irish Casino and this also has fifteen independent symbols but they are used in a different way. It is still possible to get consecutive wins on Gonzo’s Quest™ but this time it is the winning symbols which are replaced and there is a win multiplier applied to each successive winning combination which runs up to 5X for 4 successive wins. Gonzo is in fact an explorer in deepest Peru and the symbols have a sort of Aztec theme to them and they are carved onto stone blocks. When a win is triggered the stone blocks that form that win actually explode with any blocks above them dropping down to take their place and the top row is then replenished. Casino slots like this one have an additional fun factor in Gonzo himself who keeps his eye on proceedings while scratching his beard but watch out if you hit a big win as he will then jump for joy and while you big win gold coins are tumbling down he will remove his hat and try to catch some of your winnings. You still get your full winnings, by the way, this is just the amusing graphics and likes casino slots with a bit of humour in the graphics. Once again some of the big money is in the free spins mode which are called free falls in this casino slot where the first win is tripled and successive wins pay out at 6X, 9X and eventually 15X face value. This is one of the most amusing casino slots found at any online casino in the opinion of Irish casino specialist

Most of the casino slots at All Irish Casino are produced by the casino software group NetEnt and although they have progressive jackpot slots which run into the millions of Euro, the really large jackpots are generally products of Microgaming casino software such as Mega Moolah™ or Major Millions™. All Irish Casino carries these casino slots as well so there is no need to g to a different online casino to play jackpot games. It is not automatic that the biggest jackpots are from MIcrogaming as it is very possible that NetEnt jackpots are larger after a jackpot win so jackpot players are advised to keep your eyes on the jackpot values. Casino slots have come a very long way since the original fruit machines thanks to online casinos which allow much more sophisticated software to be applied and there are literally hundreds to choose from.