Casino and online casino list for Ireland

A small online casino can be as good or better than a large one

By mr-casino on 2018-01-02 10:10:56

A very warm welcome to 2018 and everybody at hopes that it will be a very healthy and profitable year for all our Irish casino playing readers and others who happen to come across this site. Interestingly it is known that people from other countries do use the site and play at the online casinos listed here but it is not sure how they end up here or what they have searched for to arrive. Maybe they search for Irish casino luck or luck of the Irish at online casinos or something similar but whatever it is they are very welcome to take part and use the advice given. has been giving help to online casino players since 2009 and a wealth of experience has been built up over that time. Several new online casinos have come into existence over the years and some of those have been so good that they are listed on the site. Not all of the online casinos that come into existence are good enough to be recommended by but there are now no less than nine to choose from which are all correctly licensed and operated and use recognised casino software. They also have Random Number Generators which are regularly audited ensuring fair casino games. It is not easy to create an order of preference as that depends very much on the individual but the opinion of is stated. Your preference might be completely different which is perfectly reasonable.

Top of the list is All Irish Casino which also happens to be the online casino which has been listed the longest except for Paddy Power Casino which was one of the originals having been added in 2012. All Irish Casino was in fact the first dedicated online casino site to catch the eye of as others prior to that were online casinos at much larger organisations which included sports gambling. The idea of being dedicated to online casino play and of being smaller by virtue of concentrating on the Irish casino market seemed an excellent idea and it has indeed proven very successful. The key though is being able to service the players with good casino software which brings new casino games on a regular basis and of course to treat the players correctly and not as just a number which is what can happen at the larger online casinos. It is really no surprise that the top three online casinos listed all follow this same pattern. Small does not mean inferior in the world of online casinos for the simple reason that the casino games that you come across are all written by specialist casino software suppliers rather than the online casinos themselves. In the very beginning of online casinos the casino had to write their own software which was of course a major investment which prevented small companies from entering the market. Over time the market has come to realise that specialised companies can spread that investment over many different customers making self investment uneconomical. At the same time it means that a smaller online casino can use the same casino software as the larger players which means all the same casino games.

If the casino games are the same at large and small online casinos there needs to something else which makes a player decide where to play those casino games and one of those is customer treatment and appreciation but possibly the single feature which most attracts new customers is the casino bonus. All online casinos offer bonuses to new players as a reward for signing up but once you have had your bonus that is it, it is a one off. It is also fairly well known that casinos bonuses are not all they appear to be at first sight. Of course the rules surrounding casino bonuses are always clearly explained in the terms and conditions but many Irish casino players do not read those in detail and can end up being disappointed. At least All Irish Casino offers casino bonuses to existing players on a regular basis not just the new players. The most common form of casino bonus is what is called a deposit matching bonus where the casino matches your first ever deposit into your casino account or in other words if you deposit €100 into your account the casino will give you another €100 with which to play. The snag however is that the bonus money goes into a bonus account rather than your playing account and money in there cannot be withdrawn until certain requirements have been met. These requirements are that the money must be staked a number of times on certain categories of casino games. This is designed to enable the online casino to get the money back before you can take it out of your account. There is of course nothing to lose by accepting these casino bonuses you may not gain anything either but there are alternatives.

One of the classic alternatives can be found at number three on the list and that is No Bonus Casino and the name rather gives away the fact that there are no bonuses to be had. There is however something different which is cash back if you lose. There are terms and conditions which need to be read but in essence if you make a deposit into your casino account today and somehow manage to lose it all in the same day then 10% will be refunded the very next day. This is simple enough but there are more factors which make this possibly attractive to some players. Firstly the cash back has no limitations as it is placed back into your playing account making it your money immediately so you can do with it what you want including removing it from your account should you wish to do so with no questions asked. Secondly this is not an offer for new players only as it is available to every player on every deposit they make.